^^check your pools here

I will support this effort if the sfxt scene will support FR.

Stickying this. Now get out there and support the game!

You got support from VA we will bring set up and the pain to Hotlanta! THIS IS SO HYPE!

I’ll try to make it there too, I’m in FL so it would be inexcusable not to go!

You better go. I’m bringing will08 of course lol. You seem to be the most competent lili player around these parts so it’ll be nice to talk to you about LIli tech.

i miss Atlanta…

I may very well go to this

@ShinBlanka thanks for the 6 month heads up giving me time to see if i can plan around it.

…you know…I actually might try to go to this.

It will be fun if I see you guys there! I already got the money set aside for whatever I need to get there. Offline grudge matches vs Will08 will be hype! :smiley:

If it’s there, I will gaurentee my presence.

I’ll won’t be able to go to Atlanta but I signed the petition. I hope the game makes it in

When is the tournament? Will it be a gemless tournament?


i’m hoping gems are in it

I won’t be able to make it ($$$) but I will sign that petition and show my support!

Edit: actually I take that back… Maybe I can. I will look into it, got fam out there so… We shall see. :slight_smile:

signed…but no money to travel :frowning:

Final Round isn’t just a major. It’s a hell of an experience. Some of the funnest weekends I ever had in that hotel

wish i had some way of getting out there.

well thats why im here, I want to make it happen we just have to get the word out to the public…I hope some the SFXT defense force can make it

Thank you

yes sir, each year gets better and I get to see old friends from out of state…not to mention hotel shenanigans…lol

No Gems sir unless you where trolling?

Why would he be? They’re allowed at 25th, and we allow them whenever we run side tournaments, so why not here too?

I prefer to see gems in there. I wanna see some hype shit go down like pandora finishes, and the works. Can’t really get 100% out of the game if you aren’t using gems.