SFxT: Best way to use training mode?


What are your best tips and tricks on how to use training mode most efficiently?

How do you practice? What is your routine?


Most of the time I try to practice meterless max dmg bnb combos with both characters. And of course some other stuff:

What combos can I do after an ex-special move?
What is the best anti air move of that character (I set the dummy to jump in on me all the time with HK or something, this way I can figure out which normal of my character is the best option in that situation)
The last two days I spent some time learning to tag cancel properly during combos (I often lose online, because I didn’t switch fast enough and raw tag is not a good idea most of the time ^^).
Does my character has overhead moves to mix them up when they crouch block all the time?
Which crossup moves does my character have? (When I found a decent crossup move, I practice it a lot in combination with a bnb combo to get a better feel for it)


These are what I can think of at the moment. Let me know if you need an explanation of any of these things.

Normal Uses:
Learning a New Character
General BnB Combos
Safe Block-strings
Max Damage Combos
Air to Air Combos
The Spacing for Anti-Airs
Safe Methods of Switching Characters Out
Tick Throws

Intermediate Uses:
Meaty Attack Setups
Pandora Setups
Ambiguous Cross-Up Setups
CADC Combos/Pressure
Counter Hit Setups/Combos
Punishes for Specific Moves
Reset Setups

Advanced Use:
Option Selects
Frame Traps
Safe Jumps
Match-up Specific Tech


I never really got a hang of option selects much (I crouch tech or buffer DPs but thats about the most advanced form of them I can do, every other time I go for one it either gets blocked, I get DPd, thrown, or whatever. (eg: Late sweep OS with Akuma after a demon palm whiff in sf4 after forward throw, not once did it work out successfully for me -.-))


I usually train my execution consistency in training mode. However, I still drop combos during actual matches. :frowning:


Practicing EWGF’s so more people can hate on me.


Probably need explantation on all of these, but i’m sure they’ve been explained again and again in other forums. Maybe we could do this via PM or IM sometime!


Hmm. For explanations or definitions, you may want to check out this thread:

and this thread:

For the most part, you will learn what you need to spend time practicing on as you play the game more.


pretty much this…when I get somewhat good at this game I will delve into the intermediate/advance stuff


Gold mine. Definitely going to take this into consideration when I start trying to learn Steve and Guy in a few weeks(and to hone my skills with my current characters). Thanks for posting this!


Your welcome. I’m glad you found it helpful.


Pretty much VG said really.