SFxT Bugs and Glitches Thread


MOD EDIT - Decided to create one of these instead of having multiple threads about the same problem.

Post any glitches you find here. Any info you can get about them is appreciated.

So I nabbed a copy early today, and I wanted to know something from other PS3 users that have it already: Have you noticed the game “freeze” for half second or so during gameplay? Currently it happened twice in training mode. I thought it might just be me, but then my brother said, “Did the game just skip?” Ugh. Three years ago during the SFIV launch, this happened to me, and someone suggested it was the same issue that plagued [I believe] GTAIV and LBP for PS3—while signed in on the PSN, the game experiences a little skip once in a while due to PSN screwing something up.

I know this is really gonna bug the shit out of me, and it’s gonna be even harder to find others who might have possibly experienced this as well since they would need the game early too…but if anyone has it, and has experienced it, (PS3 or 360) please let me know so I know I’m not crazy and I can start figuring out what to do next (Switch versions for example, lol).

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Things we Want Addressed as a Community (Glitches, Bugs, Etc.)

Did you install the game?


I did, yes.


Okay…this shit is FOR SURE happening, and I am not crazy. Just happened again, and the length of the “freeze” was so apparent, my heart skipped a beat :frowning: Why Sony/Capcom, why…

EDIT: I am going to attempt to uninstall/reinstall the game data, then try again. Someone even suggested I play without it installed. I’m starting to think extra characters aren’t worth this headache.


There’s a bug with some of the audio not syncing up online. Basically if you play with all sfx on, sometimes moves will go silent while music is still playing and then it doesn’t sometimes.

Hope this is patched on release week.




The only 2 times it had ever happened to me are seconds after I close the home menu if I bring it up mid game. However, that has happened on other games as well. Is that when it happens for you?


Is anyone else experiencing major sound bugs in the multiplayer?


Numerous people have reported it, so no your not the only one.


you think its a pre-release problem? this isn’t unheard of…considering a few games had problems online before streetdate.


I actually considered this as well, as the first time it happened I had recently closed the home menu. However the last couple times it happened, I was not using the home menu =(

None of what others have suggested have been what happened to me during the freeze (Trophy acquisition for example). I uninstalled and reinstalled the game data, hoping this will fix it. I dunno. I don’t mean to sound so overly dramatic about this, but every other game in the world can have bugs and glitches in it and it won’t phase me a bit. But when it comes to my beloved fighting games, I’ll switch consoles on the drop of a hat if I have to.

The only thing that gets me is that, like stated in my original post, this all happened to me during SFIV’s launch…how come then I never heard anything about SFIV PS3 version and complaints? I know I wasn’t the only one that experienced it as I’ve had others share their similar stories. I admit I want to play the extra characters for fun on the PS3 version, but it can’t compete for a 100% bug free match if that is my only option.


Honestly, I can’t help but feel like that problem might be contained to some games or PS3’s, because I have never experienced that glitch in SF4 in all the years I’ve played it, and with SFxT, I did not experience that freeze at all today (coincidentally, I didn’t open the home menu while playing either).




If it means anything, so far I’ve only experienced it in the training mode, but I didn’t want to excuse it for an exclusive bug in training mode as I have spent probably 90% of my time there and the data would be skewed to suggest such a thing. If you can though, do pay attention while you’re in training mode (Really, it’s not too hard to notice when it happens, especially for better players that are here and notice little nuances) and maybe even open the home menu once or so. I hate to say to “really look” for a bug but I guess knowing if it’s a correlation to the home menu would help.

I just hope this can get fixed, and while I don’t wish harm on others, I do hope more come with their own experience so we can [get Capcom to] squash this bug asap. Unless it’s a Sony side issue… =(


Is anybody getting frame drops on PS3?


I got my copy (PS3) this morning and the only problem I got was the audio issue mentioned before. My copy hasn’t skipped or froze thankfully.


its intentional, and you don’t need to spend meter, just do the none EX version and charge to the ex part then dash.


If anyone with an early copy of the 360 version experiences this, please please post it up here. I’m sure if it happens it will obviously become more apparent on official release. I just want to know for sure though because I’m literally ready to pick up a 360 version along with my PS3 version on Tuesday if this is an exclusive problem.

And I finally saw it happen today outside of training mode—was playing Scramble battle with 3 of my friends, and it happened during the match.


I haven’t noticed any skipping with the 360 version after a day and a half of playing in Arcade, Scramble Versus (only vs PC), and Trial/Challenge mode.


has anyone noticed any input problems? Sometimes when I hold down right, the inputs would spaz out saying that I am actually inputting down and down right rapidly. Also jumping at an angle is a huge hassle now. I’ve tried this with multiple xbox 360 controllers and the problem still consistently happens