SFxT Bugs and Glitches Thread




If it means anything, so far I’ve only experienced it in the training mode, but I didn’t want to excuse it for an exclusive bug in training mode as I have spent probably 90% of my time there and the data would be skewed to suggest such a thing. If you can though, do pay attention while you’re in training mode (Really, it’s not too hard to notice when it happens, especially for better players that are here and notice little nuances) and maybe even open the home menu once or so. I hate to say to “really look” for a bug but I guess knowing if it’s a correlation to the home menu would help.

I just hope this can get fixed, and while I don’t wish harm on others, I do hope more come with their own experience so we can [get Capcom to] squash this bug asap. Unless it’s a Sony side issue… =(


Is anybody getting frame drops on PS3?


I got my copy (PS3) this morning and the only problem I got was the audio issue mentioned before. My copy hasn’t skipped or froze thankfully.


its intentional, and you don’t need to spend meter, just do the none EX version and charge to the ex part then dash.


If anyone with an early copy of the 360 version experiences this, please please post it up here. I’m sure if it happens it will obviously become more apparent on official release. I just want to know for sure though because I’m literally ready to pick up a 360 version along with my PS3 version on Tuesday if this is an exclusive problem.

And I finally saw it happen today outside of training mode—was playing Scramble battle with 3 of my friends, and it happened during the match.


I haven’t noticed any skipping with the 360 version after a day and a half of playing in Arcade, Scramble Versus (only vs PC), and Trial/Challenge mode.


has anyone noticed any input problems? Sometimes when I hold down right, the inputs would spaz out saying that I am actually inputting down and down right rapidly. Also jumping at an angle is a huge hassle now. I’ve tried this with multiple xbox 360 controllers and the problem still consistently happens


Does anyone else have a problem online where they keep getting disconnected the second the match starts. The game just freezes and then it says “The game has been cancelled” everytime I try to play a match in Endless…IDK if that is a bug or glitch, but I thought I’d ask here.


I see this occasionally in training mode using my arcade stick; It doesn’t rapidly change between the two, but a down-right movement for me occasionally does give me down followed by down-right.


Multiplayer sound glitch…I doubt they’ll fix this any time soon.
Also the game skipping is going to be happening a lot due to the new online mechanic they implemented. I guess they’re going to use the same mechanics as HD Remix where there is no input lag but frame lag. Just don’t play with anyone below the max network latency…That’s what I did in SF4 and never had “online” issues since I ONLY played with people that had green bars.


Also when you play footsies (Move left and right) the character actually teleports a little left and right so you have no idea whether they are close to you or away from you…lol


If that’s really the case, then that’s not a glitch. That’s a feature we’ve been asking for since before SFIV.


Jin has an overhead axe kick which basically leave’s people floating in the air for a long time [media=youtube]91kTg2Jl53A[/media]


That’s normal because of the way an arcade stick works.


came to ask about this, glad its not jus tme


I’ve never had this problem with sf4 or mvc3, blocking low and jumping at an angle is a huge pain now. I might put a video of the inputs soon


ive had a few problems jumping forward myself


Fireballs stuck on screen during cinimatic supers, lazy fucks


Aside from the sound issues everyone is noting and a couple instances of fireballs hanging around during Supers I may have noticed a bug that someone may want to record if they have the equipment.

I could be totally wrong but it seemed like I traded with a raw launcher (I was Gief and CPU was Cammy), instead of launch and second character swapping in Gief stayed and Cammy hovered in the air for a second and I continued to combo. I didn’t see how long she was going to hover, not like axe kick spin cycle but just interesting.