SFxT Bugs and Glitches Thread


Also when you play footsies (Move left and right) the character actually teleports a little left and right so you have no idea whether they are close to you or away from you…lol


If that’s really the case, then that’s not a glitch. That’s a feature we’ve been asking for since before SFIV.


Jin has an overhead axe kick which basically leave’s people floating in the air for a long time [media=youtube]91kTg2Jl53A[/media]


That’s normal because of the way an arcade stick works.


came to ask about this, glad its not jus tme


I’ve never had this problem with sf4 or mvc3, blocking low and jumping at an angle is a huge pain now. I might put a video of the inputs soon


ive had a few problems jumping forward myself


Fireballs stuck on screen during cinimatic supers, lazy fucks


Aside from the sound issues everyone is noting and a couple instances of fireballs hanging around during Supers I may have noticed a bug that someone may want to record if they have the equipment.

I could be totally wrong but it seemed like I traded with a raw launcher (I was Gief and CPU was Cammy), instead of launch and second character swapping in Gief stayed and Cammy hovered in the air for a second and I continued to combo. I didn’t see how long she was going to hover, not like axe kick spin cycle but just interesting.


Having the sound bug here as well on Xbox 360. Haven’t experienced the projectile bug yet.


I’m having that sound bug as well. Pretty annoying.


Not sure if this is true (I don’t have the game yet). But people are saying you can’t do 2 player couch co-op online against other players for the XBOX360 version. Can someone check this out?

I suggested maybe logging Player 2 in as “GUEST” (like you have to for Halo and Gears)


I can’t seem to get a Guest or anything online with me. On the main menu it says “This mode is for 1 player” on 360.


That doesn’t sound good… Is this just a bug that will be patched?.. Or did capcom say that feature is for PS3 only?


that feature is not in the 360’s manual while it is in the PS3 manual, thinking it may be PS3 only…


Wowwww! Capcom NEVER mentioned this as a PS3 exclusive feature (from everything I’ve seen and read)… What a joke. Every other negative thing about the game I can excuse, but I REALLY wanted to play that game mode. This is a mistake!


WTF? Could more people try local pair play on the Xbox please?


My brother bought the special edition version tonight for the Xbox 360 and it says in the manual on page 22:

A Quick Tip from Dan
If you have 2 controllers, you can team up with a friend to play an online battle! It’s easy – just press the START button on the other controller while at the Character Select screen! This is called Local Pair Play!

We tried to play scramble mode online. Figuring that since it was their “party” mode it would most likely be the one to let us play together on one console (I could understand it being rejected for ranked play) but it didn’t work. Didn’t work in a ranked game either. Didn’t try Endless.

We even have 2 gamertags so we tried to invite another in to the game and it just sends the invited player to the start screen once you accept the game invite… it tries to join the game/player (which of course doesn’t exist anymore since the game went to the start screen) and gives a “Unable to join lobby” type message.

Didn’t see any message about having the other controller press start. We were using 1 arcade stick (the mad cat, SF TE? - red, black, white sides) and a normal Xbox 360 wired controller.

I hope they’re aware of it and can patch it in some how.

Edit: here are images of page 22, the manual cover and game box cover:


Wow that’s a dumb thing to make exclusive, and not mention it anywhere.


anyone experiencing the old sf4 bug where crouching attacks wiff on the opposing character? its only happened to me once, but my chun did a cr.mk against crouching hugo and it went right through him, though he was doing a cr.mk himself (which hit me and knocked me down… salt flew)

before anyone asks im SURE that chuns cr.mk was able to hit cause i was in recovery frames when hugo hit me with his cr.mk and i was damn near point blank.