Sfxt built-in macro

that picture actually say:

“about custom combo shortcuts
what are custom combo shortcuts?
in versus, combo shortcuts can be activated by specific button presses to start a chain of attacks
each character can have 2 combo shortcuts
shortcut 1: l.k + h.p
shortcut 2:l.p + h.k
in “combo shortcut editor”, you can edit the combo shortcuts”


I think that is directed at pad players who have access to 2 spererate buttons (on stick aswell, but I think the barrier is not given to press 2 buttons simultaneously). So you can either bind launcher, throw, taunt, PP§ or KK(K) on a single button. Further, in the Tekken series it’s widly used to bind both kicks and both punches onto the shoulder buttons on a pad.

i think i should rephrase what i said above. if i’m interpreting the image correctly, (and i’m pretty sure i am) by pressing l.k + h.p or h.k+l.p, you can dial-a-combo a la macros. and there’s an editor where you can edit your combos to your liking. l.k+h.p and h.k+l.p are 2 seperate macros and can be set to different combos. it’s not “set 2 buttons to 1”, like taunt, throw, ppp,kkk, etc.

No. It’s simply taking about mapping 2 button combinations to a single button.

no, thats not what it says…

Can someone else verify the translation?

That said, if it does allow for macros, no one will use the feature since it’ll be banned in tournaments.

why does it seem like every “revolutionary” new gimmick theyre throwing in this game will end up getting banned?

I can confirm Adrian’s translation. In fact, I also posted a similar translation in the comments in the article yesterday.

one button [S]dashes[/S] combos!

It was in NGBC, KoF XI and KoF2002UM. You can program them in training mode and even use them in other modes. Also can be applicable with two buttons for different combos.

Nothing new and nothing of real concern.

Well its in a “Capcom Fighter” so it is automatically bad, trolling or whatever anti-capcom ppl say nowadays.

Thanks, but you didn’t need to anyway.

One of the Tech Talk boys got some of his chinese friends (who I believe aren’t as invested in FGs, you know, to assure neutrality) to translate it.

Agreed. Most likely you can just turn this off.

What do you expect from the internet these days.

They need to start adding more Street Fighter / Tekken elements to the game imo. This is starting to not look like a Street Fighter / and or Tekken game besides the characters. Which I thought they were gonna do; try to satisfy the SF and Tekken players in one game for what they love about there game.

Yeah they added a few elements from both games (Supers, Tag Out Combos, etc) but for some reason this is really starting to look like Ono’s Casual Mugen on the SF engine. I’ma still get it probably, just waiting for more info on the game and to actually play it for a final judgement.