SFxT Cammy: Frame Data and Divekick chart



Here’s what I’ve tested and found. Active frames for normals were untested (guesstimated based on SF4 and the animation) and will be updated when I get the chance.

Frame Data Portion


Move: Startup / Active / Recovery (Recovery when chained),

  • on block (when chained) [when jump cancelled],
  • on hit (when chained) [when jump cancelled]


Similar to SF4, but with a few changes. Basically, her SF4/SSF4 set of normals is used in this game, instead of the upgraded AE set. Far fierce is cancellable though. Also, normals have extra recovery added to them when chained into - Capcom’s way of punishing those who are reckless and don’t hitconfirm into chains, I guess.

Close lp: 3/2/8, +3 on block, +7 on hit
Close mp: 4/4/11(15), +2(-2) on block, +6(+2) on hit
Close hp: 4/4/14(25), +2(-9) on block, +8(-3) on hit
Close lk: 3/2/9, +2 on block, +6 on hit
Close mk: 5/3/17(22), -3(-8) on block, +1(-4) on hit
Close hk: 10/5/24(31), -9(-16)[+19] on block, -3(-10)[+25] on hit

Far lp: 3/3/7, +3 on block, +7 on hit
Far mp: 7/4/17(21), -4(-8) on block, 0(-4) on hit
Far hp: 7/3/22(29), -5(-12) on block, 0(-7) on hit
Far lk: 5/3/10, 0 on block, +4 on hit
Far mk: 7/2/17(23), -2(-8) on block, +2(-4) on hit
Far hk: 9/2/24(33), -6(-15) on block, -1(-10) on hit

Crouching lp: 3/2/9, +2 on block, +6 on hit
Crouching mp: 6/4/11(17), +2(-4) on block, +6(0) on hit
Crouching hp: 6/4/13(24), +3(-8) on block, +9(-2) on hit
Crouching lk: 3/3/9, +1 on block, +5 on hit
Crouching mk: 7/4/17(22), -4(-9) on block, 0(-5) on hit
Crouching hk: 7/2/24(32), -6(-14) on block, KD on hit

Neutral jump lp: 5/4/Land+4
Neutral jump mp: 5/4/Land+4
Neutral jump hp: 5/3/Land+4
Neutral jump lk: 5/5/Land+4
Neutral jump mk: 5/7/Land+4
Neutral jump hk: 6/3/Land+4

Jump lp: 5/5/Land+4
Jump mp: 6/3/Land+4
Jump hp: 6/4/Land+4
Jump lk: 5/7/Land+4
Jump mk: 6/4/Land+4
Jump hk: 6/5/Land+4

Forward Throw: 7/2/20
Back Throw: 7/2/20
Air Throw: 7/2/Land+4

Launcher: 13/4/52, -34 on block, Tag on hit


These are very similar to SF4. Cannon Spike and Hooligans were sped up by 1 frame, Spiral Arrow was slowed down by 5 frames, Spin Knuckle was slowed down (lol) by 1 frame, Cannon Strike was slowed down by 7 frames (5 for EX).

LK Cannon Spike: 4/21/32, -29 on block, KD on hit
MK Cannon Spike: 4/26/30, -29 on block, KD on hit
HK Cannon Spike: 4/31/29, -29 on block, KD on hit
EX Cannon Spike: 5/26/30, -29 on block, KD on hit

LK Spiral Arrow: 12/19/19, -16 on block, KD on hit
MK Spiral Arrow: 12/19/19, -16 on block, KD on hit
HK Spiral Arrow: 12/7,12/19, -9 on block, KD on hit
EX Spiral Arrow: 12/7,12/14, -4 on block, KD on hit

LP Spin Knuckle: 36/3,8/9, +5 on block, KD on hit
MP Spin Knuckle: 34/3,8/10, +4 on block, KD on hit
HP Spin Knuckle: 37/3,8/10, +4 on block, KD on hit
EX Spin Knuckle: 34/3,8/10, +4 on block, KD on hit

LP Hooligan Combination: 33/22/-, can grab during active frames
MP Hooligan Combination: 33/14/-, can grab during active frames
HP Hooligan Combination: 33/8/-, can grab during active frames
EX Hooligan Combination: 33/12/-, can grab during active frames
Razor’s Edge Slicer: 10/9/12, 0 on block, KD on hit
Fatal Leg Twister: 1 startup
Crossed Scissors: 1 startup

Cannon Strike: 19/11/Land+10
EX Cannon Strike: 17/13/Land+10, gives 5 extra blockstun, 3 extra hitstun than regular CS

Super: 1+7/6,6,6/52, -36 on block, KD on hit
Cross Art: 1+8/3(6)3/46, -23 on block, Tag on hit

Cannon Strike Notes / Chart

Overall, regular Cannon Strike gives a huge amount of hitstun on hit, which is offset by the extra recovery at the end, as well as the decreased frame advantage on block.

Here is a chart I’ve made, showing the advantage/disadvantage on hit/block at all possible heights vs normal sized characters. Black numbers are for regular CS, yellow numbers are for EX.


(Larger version)

To compare it to SF4, here’s the advantage of Cannon Strike in that game:

Ignoring the strikes near the top of the head (which are for some reason a lot safer on hit in SFxT), Comparing to SF4’s Cannon Strike, it deals roughly 1 extra frame of hitstun and 5 fewer frames of blockstun at the same height in both games. Meaning, it’s marginally better on hit, but much, much less safe on block.

Oh, and TKCS when done perfectly and right next to the enemy, is a +8/-1 strike. This is because of the extra landing time when doing a strike right next to the guy, you hit their waist or something instead of their leg/foot, making you take longer to land. If you do it a little ways away you usually get upwards of +11/+2.

That’s it for now!


Good stuff. So spin knuckle is actually slower. Why did it feel faster to me.spike is 4 startup or 5?

Thanks for the info.


Pretty sure throws were confirmed to be 7 frames


Uh…could you please put a legend on that table indicating the strength of those dives? All I see are numbers that don’t correspond to anything.

Good shit, though. TKCS won me my free copy of the game singlehandedly.


Yes, all 4 characters from the Brady Games preview had all throws, ground and air @ 7 frame startup.

  • sf4/ssf4 normals
  • slowed down spiral arrow
  • slowed down spinning knuckle (oh boy)
  • slowed down cannon strike ( also less safe on block)
  • 900 health

so what are the good news about cammy?


It’s a different game, man. Fast walk speed and good footsie normals may very well outweigh everything else.


being able to get +15 off a TKCS? i’d say that’s good news :stuck_out_tongue:


Does Plinking work in this game?


Yeah throws are 7F, seems like grab check happens early. 7/2/20 follows the trend a lot more closely than 8/2/19 anyhow.

Np. Strangely, in every update from SSF4 onwards people always mention how Spin Knuckle seems sped up, even though it’s been the same since then.

Cannon Spike is definitely 4 frames after reviewing it again.

The numbers correspond to the height that the divekick needs to connect at to get that advantage on hit/block.

Plinking is in the game, since it runs under the SF4 engine.

You only get +15 on hit if you strike the very tip of their toes, which isn’t practical to aim for with a slow divekick. Also as I mentioned, a standard “TKCS” done right next to the enemy will land you at -1 or sometimes -2 on block. Compare this to SF4/SSF4 where you would always be at +8 on block from point blank TKCS.


Any counterhit data on TKCS? I mean, it’s not likely we’ll be landing raw TKCS, right? (Honestly, with 7 more frames of startup, I’m not sure we’ll be landing any TKCS at all, lol).


Has anybody seen DarkSydeGeoff’s new Cammy video? Shes gunna be crazy after I seen this…new mix up potential over here . [media=youtube]B38J2lUPLCQ[/media]


just noticed that spiral arrow’s damage now is a 70+50 instead of 40+80, thats a good buff on the first hit damage.


What’s the deal with tkcs?. When I “think” I did it right, it’s still somewhat high, but when I use it in a combo it comes out extremely low.


You didn’t do it right. You can do raw cannon strikes as soon as you leave the ground.


Having input appear on F1 seems to work best for me.

Spiral arrow
Press LK on F0, release on F1 gives SA (hits F12)
Hold LK from F0-49, release F50 gives SA (hits F57).
Hold LK from F0-50, release F51 gives EX SA (hits F58).
Hold LK from F0-99, release F100 gives EX SA (hits F107).
Hold LK from F0-100, release F101 gives SUPER (hits F173).

EX Spiral arrow
Press LK+MK on F0, release F1 gives EX SA (hits F9).
Hold LK+MK from F0-49, release F50 gives EX SA (hits F57).
Hold LK+MK from F0-50, release F51 gives SUPER (hits F123).

Perfect input CS
QCB,uf+MK hits F27
uf,qcb+MK hits F24

http://www.mediafire.com/?xtsjv7if6yezc68 - video with all of the above. Use avidemux to do frame by frame analysis.


ABCC latest possible inputs on F0,12,29,48

FADC forwards
LK of qcf+LK input on F0, released F1. f,f ASAP. HK pressed F23 - attack hits F33 (close HK)
FADC backwards
LK of qcf+LK input on F0, released F1. b,b ASAP. HK pressed F28 - attack hits F37 (far HK).




Videos of Cammy HK~jump~EXCS done ASAP, linked into HK. Looks like a 2F link window when the CS is done ASAP. Couldn’t link HK post regular CS.


pandora infinite?


Just a few VERY minor changes based on the frame data from the guide:
Far mp: 7/4/16(20) instead of 7/4/17(21)
Far hp: 7/3/23(29) instead of 7/3/22(29)
Far lk: 5/3/9 instead of 5/3/10

HK Cannon Spike: 4/32/29 instead of 4/31/29
EX Spiral Arrow: 9/7,12/14 instead of 11/7,12/14
EX Spin Knuckle: 35/3,8/10 instead of 34/3,8/10
Razor’s Edge Slicer: 10/9/13 instead of 10/9/12
EX Cannon Strike: 18/13/Land+10 instead of 17/13/Land+10

Cross Art: 1+7/2/40, -27 on block instead of 1+8/3(6)3/46, -23 on block

Also for all the light jump-ins, the frames are +4 on block/+12 on hit
for all the medium jump-ins, the frames are +5 on block/+16 on hit
for all the heavy jump-ins, the frames are +8 on block/+20 on hit

Her Cross cancel or Alpha counter frames are: 6/26/30, -29 on block, KD on hit 120 damage - similar to HK cannon spike, full body invulnerability from f1-f13