(SFxT) Characters ideal for beginners?


So, my friend has FINALLY gotten me to buy a fighting game to play with him.

I haven’t played a fighting game since Super Street Fighter 2/Tekken 2. Seriously, I’m coming off of a nearly 20 year hiatus.

This game seems fun (Final Fight characters!!!), but I spent the last few days playing online and have won only like once or twice, this feels entirely different from what I’m used to. I went through the tutorials and all, and It’s kind of overwhelming. I see fighting games have come a really long way.

Are there any specific characters that are easy to learn and pick up the game with? I know in theory “everyone is usable just pick someone” is the usual answer, but really, if there are some easy characters to try (with the intention of trying harder ones, I like Kazuya sort of), I’d love to know. Admittedly, I’m just one of those types that find it hard to get into a game if it’s really difficult

I tried to get into Marvel vs Capcom 3 and that game is just too damn insane, lol


It depends I guess. As far as Street Fighter goes, generally Ryu/Ken are the easiest to start with. As for Tekken, their execution basics are the same, but their gameplay’s different, so it’s hard to make a recommendation. Kazuya and Heihachi do pretty good damage and are a little easier to get used to I suppose. At the end of the day, you’ll be best off hopping into trial mode and doing a bunch of character’s first few trials (up to 8 or 9 I guess). Eventually you’ll find a couple that you feel more comfortable playing. Practice makes perfect!

I know it’s pretty vague, but I hope that helps?


Wow, 20 year haitus? Welcome back to the Fighting game world my friend… it’s gotten insane. :slight_smile:

But yea. Ryu/Ken you can’t go wrong with them starting out. Cammy and Chun li maybe familiar with you too**. **
As Tekken goes. Try Paul Phoenix and Law. There styles are pretty easy to manage without over thinking. ****


it is as if you were playing Doom and suddenly plunged to Call of Duty. Or playing kick off and played the new fifa sports games

I find SFIV very difficult to learn. I guess the same will apply to SFxTekken later when I buy it. I play SFIV as if I were playing SF2 or SFA. Even SF3 looks easier compared to IV.


For me. All of the past SFs we’re better than IV. I assumed they changed the game engine and stats for beginner players… it really screw alot of us vets over. But yeah… gotta bite the bullet.


Been using Rufus and Kazuya. I’ve been doing great so far, but against opponents that know what they’re doing, I get absolutely destroyed by all their crazy stuff.

In a nutshell, unless I somehow have some phantom momentum, I really have NO idea what to do when they’re being overly aggressive or defensive, especially when the guy is jumping all over the place.


Whoever you end up picking, go to the character threads for them and ask about what the most basic combos/setups/juggles are. That should give you a good place to start since it can be very daunting to find everything yourself. I can help with Vega or Cammy as an example.

(if you see an “x” after a move it means you do the next move quickly, so that you’re canceling it out of the previous move)

All characters: LP/LK (LP or LK) x MP/MK x HP x HP = your basic launcher combo, this juggles the opponent into the next character. You want to do only the first couple hits, and then react by continuing with the rest IF you see the first moves hit. Having the whole thing blocked will get you punished.

combo after juggle: crouch.MK crouch.MP x ScarletTerror (and you can Tag Cancel that to juggle to your other char)

important moves that link together: (a link means you don’t cancel them fast, you just do them after eachother)
cr.LP into cr.LP
cr.LP into cr.MP
cr.MK into cr.MP
standing.HP into cr.MP (HP must be close)
and you can cancel the end of those into ScarletTerror, RollingCrystalFlash, EX.Walldive/Izuna, Super, or the juggle combo
crossup attacks: jumping.HP (difficult spacing)

combo after juggle: stand.MP stand.HP x CannonSpike (and you can Tag Cancel that to juggle to your other char)

important moves that link together:
st.LP into st.LP/cr.LP/cr.LK/cr.MP
cr.LP into cr.LP/st.LP
st.HP into cr.MP (HP must be close)
and you can cancel the end of those into CannonSpike or SpiralArrow
crossup attack: jumping.LK (easy spacing)

Theres a lot more to both characters, but you want to most reliable basics down first!
General tips:
Dont push buttons if you are too far away for the move to hit.
Be careful about acting after blocking light hits, since usually the person doing light attacks has the initiative to act first after a block.
You can Tag-in your second character doing any attack (so a risky Dragon Punch can be made safe this way, for a 1 meter cost)
Make your opponent guess whether your attack will cross up or not.
You can fake a jumping attack (jump in without attacking) and go straight into crouching.LK which can chain into a juggle combo.
Try doing one jumping attack or one point-blank light attack and then throw your opponent.