SFxT characters speaking English or Japanese? Cross Style?

I’m really confused as to why some characters speak English and others Japanese in the “Cross Style” setting of SFxT

It doesn’t make sense to me that Guile would speak Japanese! and isn’t Ken Masters from the USA?

Do you guys have a custom preference? I don’t know too much about everyone’s back story yet (esp Tekken characters) to know where they are from.

SF characters default to Japanese because those are their “original” voices. They used to have some English-speaking characters in Street Fighter III, but otherwise Japanese is always the default. Tekken character defaults are generally based on what they speak in Tekken, though other languages like Korean or French were not included.

My preference:



Trust me, you don’t want to listen to English Ken shout “Shoryuken” every 30 seconds.

Dr. Grammar’s Voice settings are very similar to what I see most people using, although I personally don’t like English Rolento haha.

guys, serious problem… I can’t get kuma to speak english. Halp! D:

A hot-blooded soldier like Guile shouts Japanese “Sonic Boom” like he’s falling asleep or something. I don’t remember him shouting the move that way in SF IV. D:

Lars’ english voice is actually really nice. I would use his taunt all day, if I couldn’t catch anyone on the wrong foot with it. “Are you prepared to die?”

Akuma, Kazuya and Jin are the only characters that have Japanese voices for me…

English all the way. Dat Juri voice…is so CRAAZZZZZZZZYYYYYYY!!! anyway I find english better overall. Suits the characters more. But it’s really all personal preference really.

I dont know why, but i like Hugo and zangiefs better in Japanese. Those are 2 of my main characters and ogre who doesn’t talk lol

Juri is cray cray

Japanese on characters I use and those whose english voices are awful (Kazuya, Ken, etc.) but others like Paul and stuff I didnt change

Sometimes I want Juri to say “After ten thousand years, I’m free. It’s time to conquer Earth!”

Rita is Juri’s mom, but when Juri is around Rita, she’s all like “Yes ma’am. No ma’am.”

Juri reminds me of Suzie Carmichael from Rugrats.

Sagat, Bison, and Vega to english, otherwise you’ve wasted some good voices.

Akuma’s english is trash though. Remember when Akuma used to actually be cool?