SfxT chars with grounded switch cancels [Hit confirmable]

So as i play kaz on anchor my point chars are rotatable {cough expendable]

Who in this game has grounded special cancels…

My list
Law with shaolin kicks
Yoshimitsu with everything?!
Dudley with a HP machine gun blow

Who else exists that can reliable generate a grounded switch cancel?

I realize that there are other chars that can grounded switch [nina, cody, and others] but i want chars that can hit confirm into their grounded switch cancel move.

Thanks for any input

Kazuya: Slaughter High Kick
Lars: Crouching HP
Hwoarang: Dynamite Heel (can be screen location dependent)
Ken: Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Rufus: EX Messiah Kick
Vega: Rolling Crystal Flash
Julia: Swift Step Explosion
Lei: Double Tiger Palm, Spinning Headbutt (both are crumples and highly impractical)
Steve: Gatling Gun (standing command grab)

There’s probably more, but it’s all I can think of right now.

All 2 hitting moves basically.

But you can’t hit confirm most of those 2 hit moves (like overheads and close normals). You just throw them out, hope for the best and switch cancel even if they block.

Characters who can hit confirm into ground switch are a bit more rare.

I’ll add:

Ryu’s EX DP can be pushed out of before knockdown.

Christie’s Handstand Helicopter/Batacuda and EX Twister Sweep.

Elena: HK Lynx Tail (can be dash-pushed out of the final hit), LP/MP Mallet Smash

Elena also has any non-EX Spinning Scythe, as maligned as that move is.

Also, if we’re going to accept spending 2 bars, Asuka has: b+mp > mk XX hcb+KK CADC c.hp

For my team I use the following:

Asuka: Anything canceled into onikubigari.

Juri: whatever xx fuhajin release > fs.mp xx cl.hk, tag on the first hit of cl.hk.

Jin b.mp xx hp. Any of Nina’s target combos that end with a roundhouse kick to the face that causes a spin state. Chun’s lightning legs and Rolento’s patriot circle. Heihachi’s LP Demon Breath.

Sakura’s hp shouken

Do you have to push your opponent out of the hits for this to work? Can we have an example?

Kuma’s f. Mp in bear stance