sfxt clan battle discussion

My idea for clan battling a lobby with at-least one host… the host has to be a leader of one of the clans. the lobby contains 6 players, three from each clan in the lobby.
2 players from each clan team up with 1 of their clan mates.
and the remaining 2 does a 1 vs 1
99 seconds and 5 rounds… the 3 round set up ends to quickly.
:slight_smile: i just came up with this idea. comment if you have any more to put to this.

Clan… Fighting game… What? This isn’t Halo.


Clan, Team, same thing really. EMP, etc are basically “Clans” so I dunno what your problem is. The only thing is this is an awkward format, but the aspect of teams of fighting game players competing in team based events is not new nor uncommon.

The last 50 times I heard “clan battle” was in reference to some shooting game. Obviously the concept can apply here… Shrug

ok i give up… you guys are nothing like the mortal kombat community