SFxT Cody & Guy?

Just a very quick question. Cody & Guy & Haggar(?) were confirmed for SFxT right? I was a little confused seeing the “confirmed” list, with Cody & Guy missing. I mean, they were in the “New Challengers” video with Poison & Hugo.
I mean it’d be a real kick-in-the-ass, if a trailer says they’re new challengers not to have them in.

Hopefully when a mod comes close this thread it brings attention to the fact that we need a SFxT Section!

Close my thread that I worked, blood, sweat & tears on?
…alright it was strictly on my curious instinct and lust for Cody & Guy.
But yes, in all seriousness, SRK lacks a proper SFxT section.

You should have check this thread instead of making one SFxTekken General Discussion Thread