SFxT Complete Pack on Steam for $23.80 for today only

Includes the game, DLC characters and DLC swap costumes

23 hours left


Any word on 2013 update timeframe? Want to pick this back up but I’m not interested in being stuck with vanilla.

I think I’ll at least pick up the character pack for $5 so I can have them for whenever the hell 2013 drops. Also, does the PC version only have the swap costumes and none of the alternate costumes? Or are alternates included in the swap packs?

here is the list for all SFxT for PC: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Street-Fighter-X-Tekken/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80443430fa5

the link is for US marketplace, gonna grab this and I hope 2013 update comes fast enough

GFWL doesnt work for me still

The Marketplace won’t work either. :frowning:


I’d like to mention that all the gems that you have to buy come with this complete pack too.

What??? The PC version doesn’t have the 2013 patch? I just bought the complete package without hesitation and was looking forward to it.

PM me the instructions to using the costume mods for PC SFxT please please please