SFxT costume swaps

anyone know when they will come out?

Whenever Capcom feels like letting you access content that you already paid for.

Actually, the content that you currently you have access to is what you have paid for. Anything else on the disc is irrelevant. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m wondering the same thing regarding the availability of the costumes and color packs.

Depends on if Sony wants to make them Vita exclusive or not.

You paid what Capcom offered you. The alts were not offered as part of the core game so no, you don’t own them.

You’re both idiots.

Technically, they’re absolutely right. With software, you don’t own, you only rent.

Doesn’t mean its not an assholish move on Capcom’s part.

Does anyone have a link showing what they look like? I only know what a few of them look like.

I’d say 90% of them are butt-ass ugly.

All DLC costumes and gems.

Not my account. Credit goes to ShiroiKaze from Eventhubs :slight_smile:

Its an assholish move on every single game ever created for a mainstream console. That’s how it works unfortunatley. Also makes me wonder if people would stop hacking the disc game, would people stop crying foul if they never knew it was on the disc to begin with? Its like before they announce the extra stuff, people say “WOW what a deal for $60” then they add DLC and its discovered its on disc and suddenly its not worth $60 anymore.

360 owners also paid for local pair play to online :o

Off topic; This self entitled to own whatever the fuck is on the disc that people viewed/played with/etc is irritating. You get whatever the hell Capcom allows you to get. You were cool as ice, until the content was illegal accessed.

You wanna bitch,** youtube KONY 2012**. bitch. lol

On topic; I love like, the majority of the costumes I’ve seen so far. Especially King’s. Oh lord, do I love King’s.

seriously capcom, I have money, I want to give it to you. Let me buy my damn costumes already before I spend it on something more important, like food, damn im hungry.

More pics:

I wonder how many people here applauded the hacking of the PS3 to allow it to be “open” by geohot. A lot of people backed him up and said “I paid for the console I should be allowed to do whatever I want to it”. The same should apply for discs you buy. I pay for the disc, I own whatever is on it.