Alright, I feel like a complete ass for asking this, but I can’t get it fixed myself.

I was lucky enough to win the SFxT DLC pack on the forums and I was actually looking forward to at least try Bryan, Sakura and Cody but I can’t get the DLC pack to work :frowning:

I live in the Netherlands, Europe: the DLC pack prize was only valid in the US Playstation Store. MrWizard was kind enough to point out I could simply make a US account on my PS3 and redeem the codes there; worked like a charm.

However; the characters are still greyed out in the game and I can’t use them at all. I redownloaded the character pack about 7 or 8 times, I entered the code again a couple of times but to no avail.

So the situation is this:

My original, Dutch account works but I can’t download the SFxT DLC there.
My second account, based in the US, created for downloading the DLC, CAN download the DLC but CAN NOT use it.

What I did notice was that my Juri and Law swap costumes, which I bought for 1 euro, are accesable on my US account.
Could the fact that my swap costumes were bought in the European/Dutch Playstation store mess up the US character DLC?

If somebody has a way around this problem, please help me out. This really bums me out, I was looking forward to trying the new characters…


I’m afraid I actually noticed people with these kinds of problems with the SSF4 Complete Costume Packs, when they were on offer last year for about 5 bucks …