SFxT feet

Does anyone know or have a link to some oversize feet that will work with the SFxT sticks? I bought some of the ones off focusattack and they worked on my Tek Case but they were to small for the SFxT (pro and VS).

Figured I would ask here before carrying the screws around to a bunch of different stores.



The Feet will work for Mad Catz sticks, you just have to find different screws, and a large washer.

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As for the feet, I tried to use the ones off focus attack but the screws were 2 big. how can i get smaller screws if they wont thread into the stick? I get using smaller screws and then use the washer to have them catch the feet but then they just fall in the screw holes of the stick. Maybe I am missing something?

Thanks for your help

Foot one one side if bottom panel and washer on other. Insert screw through both and tighten nut. Sit back and enjoy new feet.

Ahh i gotcha, so use the washer to thread the smaller screw…ahhhhhhhh