SFXT fightstick Pro (signed by Yoshinori Ono on top and bottom)

How much would this sell for? I kind of don’t want to sell it because it’s like an antique almost,
but how much would people be willing to pay for it?

Is it unopened?..I would suspect 150 just like a normal purchse, Its very cool that Ono signed it but I don’t think it will increase its value by much if any.

I opened it to look at it, but the sign on the top plate of the stick is done with some kind of paint, while the bottom plate is signed with a normal black sharpie.
Only $150? Considering also that this is the limited one where they sold 1000 of? that’s a shame…

Please refer to the price check thread!

Hey Rich, how’s it going? BTW edmando you don’t meet the requirements to sell on this forum anyways, so it wouldn’t matter.

Messaged you.