SFxT fightstick pro xbox 360 and Quad Mod Mini MAS


Wassup peeps…
I got a quad mod mini MAS Super Pro Stick up for sale. Stick works flawlessly.
As you can see, 8 button layout (2 blank, 6 straight convex buttons)
Competition bat top american stick
Plug and play for Dreamcast, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and xbox 360
(for xbox you have to hold the yellow “home” button while plugging in the usb)

Asking $175 (you know damn well dual mod services cost $100+)
inbox me and i’ll respond asap. Can meetup in Long Beach/Cerritos/Lakewood areas

Here are pics:

EDIT: That’s $160 shipped. It’s $150 CASH picked up

New stick added: SFxT fightstick pro for xbox 360. $125 shipped. $110 picked up.


Great price, but most dual modding services are just $80-$100 unless you get J&Js super wiring


Yeah dual mod…but this is quad modded. 4 consoles.

Everything is quick disconnected and its is NOT a chthulu board or all in one board. It has individual pcbs from madcatz fightpad which is no lag/input delay especially for games such as mvc2


Four PCB inside that tiny Case?

Even the regular size MAS is cramped.


Yeah the inside is very cramped indeed. Srk’er truckasaurus pulled it off though…


Stick looks familiar :tup: Good Luck with sales bro


Can I connect a headset for the 360 with this stick?


no headset outlet, but a WIRELESS xbox 360 headset can be sync’ed


updated…quad mod mini MAS=160 shipped, 150 picked up
ALSO ADDED: SFxT Black Fightstick Pro for xbox 360 with original box. $125 shipped. $110 picked up.


Both sticks sold via ebay. Mods please close