SFxT Frame data sheet


Balrog Frame Data



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does anyone knows if this is going to be updated?


Doubtful any time soon, this stuff came from the Brady guide didn’t it?


It probably did come from Brady.

I’m not sure if the guide was wrong from the beginning, or something did change during this patch, but Ryu’s EX Hadouken’s start-up is 12f for sure (sheet says 13f), and EX Joudan has a start-up of 15f now (sheet says 16f). I do not know what it was before since I never touched Ryu in this game before DLC. And Ken’s EX hadouken has a start-up of 15f, tho I cannot 100% guarantee this one since so many other things came into my brain since I (think I) realized it.


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I thought this was new but then I checked to be sure and it still lists Ryu’s HK Joudan as +1 on block. It’s negative now so I know this is old :frowning:


its all we have for now


I actually just realized how ancient the OP is in this thread. I thought this was a newer thread and I thought it would have all the new frame changes and such judging by the title. Thats why i got all frowney face.


Yea i’d like to have an updated version, but nowhere to be found yet. I have the brady guide its mega cheap on amazon now.


How did you find out those values were wrong? is there another source out there somewhere?


My suspicion started from here: If a series of moves is recorded and its gap gets countered out by EX Joudan, but counters MK Joudan’s start-up, one of them must have a wrong start-up number. Neither of them have invincibility, so either one of them must trade if they are only 1f apart. It means there is a gap; a frame where it was supposed to trade with the move. 15f was found out by trial and error.

What trades with hadouken, gets countered by EX hadouken. The move that is 1f faster than the one that trade with non-EX one trades with EX. Ryu’s cr.LP has 12f blockstun, and cr.LP xx EX hadouken is a true blockstring as long as you cancel it fast enough.

In addition, Ken can link cr.LP into itself, but not into cr.MK without rapid cancel. Ken’s cr.LP in fact is +4 on hit, 0 on block.


ok so you did your own testing, sounds good, but what if the hitbox/hurtbox sizes are different? or the moving speed of the ex hado being faster?


It wouldnt matter in the point blank range.