SFxT Full Price?


Game $60, 12 char $20 = $80

"Street Fighter or Tekken collection packs for $13.00 (1040 MSP) each – buying one pack saves $6.00, grabbing both saves $12.00."
SF pack 1 $13, SF pack 2 $13. T pack 1 $13. T pack 2 $13 = $52 “save $24”

and by save $24 they mean save $24 for the outfit for the 12 char download afterward that aren’t in these pack?

so this game cost about $150-$160 to buy and unlock all of the on disc data?


Welcome to cashcom.


welcome to die.


i don’t get it either. there’s going to be two costume packs per franchise? would have been kinda nice if the sf4 costumes carried over since they’re exactly the same models in this game.


Hey, if people just do not buy these items, Capcom will learn not to do it again. The fact is, however, that Capcom will make a killing off these DLC items, entirely justifying what they have done. Face it, the community is masochistic: they cry about the pain, only to wiggle their backsides looking for the next slap.


Wow really, if this is so bad then why don’t you take the time to add up the SF4 series. add all the disc, then all the cost. packs, then all the DLC. I think you will find that it cost a lot more than this game.


Pfttt, I’m not buyin’ this shit.

And if I did it wouldn’t be new, I’d probably split the price with a friend anyway.


There’s a “Swap” pack for each character (costume from the other franchise) and then an original alt for each character. Don’t think the cats/pacman/megaman/cole get them.

So 100 different DLC costumes, 2 for each of the 50 main characters.


Its good to now you can do basic math.

Any other amazing things you want to tell us or are you done showing off?


Do you have autism?


Capcom need a better way to make money, one that dont leave the fans feeling cheated. This game at full price is a travesty


It’s really misleading to say you need to pay that much for the “full game” when half of it is not even content, its just cosmetic BS that’s not required (which is found in every genre these days).

Who in their right mind would buy the costumes for EVERY character anyway? Especially when you can just pick the specific ones you really like for just $1.

Or nearly every fighting game this generation (even earlier generations if you count SF2>SF2:CE>SF2Turbo>SSF2 all in the matter of ~2 years). But if they did what you suggest then half the people here would have to admit they are better off now than they were a year ago. Not gonna happen, especially with someone who signed up to the forums specifically to post this.

All I know is I’m not going to buy anything on that list that I don’t want (which is the majority outside of characters), so how are they “ripping me off”?

$80 is cheaper or equivalent to SF2, SF4, MvC3, and MK for all the characters anyway… Probably KoF and SC5 too by the time they get done with the DLC. Strange that people complain when they get cheaper prices than before (it’s certainly cheaper than Capcom has ever charged for all content outside of cosmetics). Also funny that people gave SC5 props for the DLC costume prices when they were more expensive than this.

Not sure why topics created by alt accounts that are 100% based around attracting negative attention are allowed and theres loads of ppl posting on many alt accounts just to troll and it’s accepted… but many new users who ask legitimate questions get their posts locked… The ratio of negative topics that are allowed on the front page of SFxT forum here is shameful… Along with all the positive posts being allowed to get jacked by negativity like the poor guy who tried making the “Transitioning from SF4” topic. But I guess the negativity gets all the hits and it’s ironic that it’s just like the media who banked off the negative attention the FGC got recently…

Anyone who actually enjoys the game and is legitimately coming here for information doesn’t want to see this crap, with the majority of people trying to discourage us from liking the game, with all the positive posts and actual information pushed to the backburner. It’s making it look like the FGC is nothing but negativity… I thought that’s what everyone was saying we had to avoid a couple weeks ago?