SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive


Are the colors brown and beige/peach(or close) in the game?

I want to make a black Gief and a white Balrog.

I remember doing that in SF Alpha’s palette editor.


There’s 2 women left to rule the world…and they’re last. Saving the best Capcom…good move.


A bunch of browns, but I don’t think there’s a good peach yet. I may be wrong though.


Well yeah, Juri is definitely best saved for last, but they already did Cammy…


Lol, you’re funny.


I see. But besides those characters you named, every character has problems. I play Bison and you have to space Dudley correctly in order to Air to Air him. And don’t even think about throwing out HK at the wrong angle. That sorry move trades more than anything. Besides his normals, he has no way to keep pressure on Dudley or keep him out. SK would be pointless because its minus two and puts you exactly where Dudley wants you. Also If Dudley catches Bison, he can land more damage. Bison can only chip away and force Dudley to make mistakes.

Where the fuck is the SFxT forum?

Lol, you’re funny.


Speaking of Bandwagon, I may use Christie. I never used a female character and I like Characters that are boss characters (even though they aren’t what they used to be) and technical/Mixup characters. But we will see. Her video might have just had me excited.


In fact so much so that you had to tell me twice! I am flattered good sir.

No but seriously though, it’ll be interesting to see what they choose to highlight on Lili’s video. Wonder if they’re going to flat out say “pick Lili if you want to run fools”.


Ryu is OP TIER. My hate mail proves it all.


No one cares about hate mail.


Dudley is good bro, once he works his way in he was doing waaaaaay too much damage.

Hey don’t be a dick to Haunts! >:(


They sped up a lot of his normals. It’s significant IMO because Bryan basically had nothing to do at close range even with a knockdown or frame advantage, which was a shame since he was pretty okay at fishing for knockdowns, including his only reasonable low poke with his sweep. I’m pretty sure Bryan can throw after a blocked crouching lk, and he can hit confirm off a low, so it lets him capitalize off knockdowns in a lot more credible way. It also means he’s a little less helpless up close since his fastest normal beforehand was 5 frames. There’s a lot of little tweaks, like his sweep is safer on block, crouching fierce comes out faster, crouching strong is a lot faster and is +7/+3. Even his dumb low forward is a little better.

It won’t make him a monster up close, but it lets him go from having non-existent wake-up pressure to having a few ok mix-ups. I don’t know if that makes him a good character, but it’s something, and it’s a bigger deal than having to do different combos imo.


Christie having a normal move that’s projectile invisible makes me jealous. All the viable anti-airs she received I’m gonna miss being able to jump-in on her. At least I can still raw launch through most of her moves.


Has anyone from Capcom said anything about a possible “GotY” re-release of SFxT? With all the dlc and stuff. I’m thinking of buying the 360 version since it’s only 30 bucks now but I dunno if I should hold out.


I’m probably gonna pick her up as well. I prefer girl characters myself and I’ve been trying to find another one that fits my style for the longest.


hahah calling it now. you will get bodied by Christie players for as long as you play SFxT.


Woah woah woah.

It’s $30 brand new in store? or is this some kind of online sale or something?


More like going back up.

I got mine for $20 new…IN GAMESTOP of all places.


Well, I guess I will go out and re-buy it.