SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

Is Fraud Play still in effect?

Also I’m loving how people are picking the game up. And I’m loving this happy hour in rank match. Lol

And King. :smiley:

Although he plays a little bit like Abel.

I would love to jump on ranked but now I realize I only have one character…:frowning:

Do you mind seeing how much damage this combo does for Law? Seeing this will be most likely his best jump in punish now.

j.rh, st.rh, st.mp, cr.fp, FFR, cr.fp, Dragon Knuckle, Dragon Flight.

Also can you tell me the damage output with Shaolin as the finisher?

you can do close-standing mp to cr.fierce link if close enough

So far I’ve found:

j.hp cl.mp cr.hp xx raze cr.hp xx phoenix smasher

m.sway cr.mp xx raze cr.mp cr.mk xx phoenix smasher

mortar smash(counter-hit) cr.mp cr.mk xx phoenix smasher

hammer of the gods into demo man is now a natural combo on counter hit

in the corner after demo man you can get cr.mp cr.mp xx phoenix smasher

after anti-airing with new and improved lk.shredder kicks you get

cr.hp xx phoenix smasher

you can end all combos with hk.shredder or raze for tag cancel

HK Shredder needs to be nerfed lol. It takes away ANY variation. It’s the superior option for EVERYTHING. it does so much damage, it’s even superior in the corner instead of doing c.mp, c.mp, c.mp, c.hp >_>
Any juggle => HK Shredder, cl.hp xx Smasher \ Super

you can even combo into launcher with it…

Already a good selection on combos, and up to date frame data. refresh for new combos every 10 minutes or so.^^

I noticed that as well, i’ve been abusing the hell out of it online.

I cant remember the last time i’ve seen an Ibuki player.

Why is she even in this game? she isn’t a bad character, and she doesn’t seem that bad in this game, its just it woulda made more sense to put someone like Honda or Urien in instead of her.

I just joined your room. Guess my Cody will be exposed. You have to cancel cr short evertime you use it. Lol


My Heihachi does 491 damage with one bar solo off of an anti air.

I am sorry, I despise guy with a passion.

I am loving this update though. My Heihachi has benefited a whole lot from this and Games past alot faster with the unrecoverable life as well.

I just joined your room. Guess my Cody will be exposed. You have to cancel cr short evertime you use it. Lol

its not superior for ending juggles cause phoenix smasher does more damage and seems to have a higher juggle count

it also dosen’t hit crouchers so you can’t use it to confirm against grounded targets

i think its fine

please look at the combos before claiming such things.
you don’t use it as “ender” you use it as the “middle part”, where you would normaly use cl.mp, s.mp, c.mk or s.lp, f.mp, cl.hp… HK shredder makes everything else obsolete as it’s foolproof easy and only adds 1 to scaling while doing 110 damage. it’s nut.

Well they wanted to put in vortex characters like Akuma and Ibuki… and then they added rolls and alpha counters which rendered their mixups useless. Basically, you have to use your brain with characters like that now and the frauds don’t know what to do since its not 100% in their favor. Its also why they removed the jump cancel normals on block from Juri Cammy and I think Chun because it took 0 thought to use.

Right now I’m liking 2013. Asuka didn’t get changed all that much but she got a bit better and her anti air ability is so good now its ridiculous. Her wheel kick gets me out of jams now with jump ins. More so than Juri because she ate a nerf stick haha. Juri is still incredibly good though, I need to experiment with her new combos for her EX wheel kick where it hits them up now instead of away.

EDIT: also did they forget to add a fix for Abel? His super and shoulder tackle are still punches but they were supposed to be changed to kicks I thought.

Tormenting people on wakeup is pretty entertaining.

So us xbl ppl looking salty as shit huh? Does the game really feel faster and different?? How much new blood is there?

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So capcom fucked Vega’s super while aparently trying to make it easier to land…thank you capcom

Hop > Meaty Grab on their wake up seems to be pretty entertaining…to me at least. Once they think they figure it out and try to wake up shoryuken, I block and punish. This is pure gold.

I’m mad salty bro. >:(

I wanna fudge around with my Jin/Nina, and Jin/Akuma team in 2013, but alas, dat XBL. Wanna try out my new Cammy team in 2013 as well! ARGGGGGGGGGGGH!

Man I tried to play without on cr short with Cody. It’s so hard lol fraud exposed.

Not so much a fraud, it’s like playing Ryu without a hadoken. c.LK since Alpha 3 has always been his fastest, safe, long reaching normal.

Fraud is: “I tried playing Cody without boost comboing after every c.LK. It’s so hard.”