SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive


No. I really didn’t see that many Hugo’s pre 2013 patch to be honest with you


What character is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the buff to Gief’s SPD



Excuse the derpness, but where is Julia’s EX Lashing Arrow wall bounce?


What do you mean? You know you have to hit QCF+LP+HP. And not any random two punches, right?


Also Nina’s LK.Greyser is amazing it comes out super fast , looks kinda wired compared to the MK and HK ones .



Ok thanks. I was doing QCF+LP+MP and QCF+PPP which only caused the regular crumple



Well I tried 2013 earlier.

It was like when I picked up the last Serj album and it was everything I’d wanted his solo career to be and every song was great and it made up for his decent first album and awful 2nd album. It was amazing.


Maynard > Serj

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Did it a few times today. It’s something that will take some practice especially after his Target Combo.


Ex lashing arrow wall bounce version is to gooooood. They should of left her cr lk alone. now I have attack with super armor, that wall bounces and I can we get a combo for like 400 damage


I ran into a Hugo on ranked. Even though the armor was moved to the 7th frame of Lariat it’s still a useful move. The guy I played was still able to anti-air with it.


Is Julias cr.lk>cr.mk still unpunishable?


Julia’s backdash feels rather lacklustre now, but I think I can survive that! The cr.lk nerfs removed my old PC combo -:f: :hp: cr :lp: cr.:hp: Partay Crasher c :lk: headbutt, but the addition of EX Lashing Arrow wall bounce makes up for it. I’m still happy with Julia in the new version!


I don’t like what this game has become…I think it’s ruined.


This made me Chuckle. :smiley:

Any who, um Ken is extremely good now. His links are way easier and that buff to his super is crazy nuts. It does ridiculous damage in a cross art now. I don’t typically like shotos, but I may pick him up and use him from time to time. Also, is it just me or did capcom also put another red damage feature in the game that I just recently noticed in Pikachuakumas latest video.
@ 1:29 combo tags remove red health too :O. Its like TT2!! I was like Ahhh. I don’t remember seeing that in the patch notes. I probably overlooked it.


Another placebo effect. :smiley:


This has always been the case when you tag in your partner, they lose all recoverable health.


I have never known that…lmao!


S’all good XD but yeah that’s why it’s so important to keep your own health in mind when you start a combo, and especially now with red health recovering so slowly.

I’m actually really bad at that, have to learn not to go into autopilot mode when I get a hit confirm. >___>