SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

He is such a complete character he really pairs with anyone, just use who you like at first and see. It sounds like a non-commital answer but yeah.

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Stupid site website.

My friend picked up the game again and keeps asking me whos the scrub friendly tekken characters since i dont know shit about the tekken cast

Today i litrealy just realized how Amazing Sagat really is , he is absolutely incredible . Insane damage output , really good fireball pressure sense most of these tekken characters’s dash moves can’t go throw the low tiger shot . F.HK as an anti air is Godlike in this game since Sagat still gets a combo from it even from from a trade . i believe Ex TU is 3 frame now .

i really wonder why he isn’t used more ?

Tiger Uppercut is 4 frames.

But I think landing recovery is also 4 frames in this game (as opposed to 3 in AE), so you can’t safe jump a 4 frame reversal.

Vimes is spot on, Bob can work well with a lot of people. He makes a pretty solid point character with great footsies and ability to confirm into launch, or he can be an awesome anchor with great filler damage and nasty ways to use meter. You can pretty much start pressuring and never let them go.

I used him on anchor at first with Gief/Bob and got used to his offense, mix ups, and using meter to stay on top of the opponent. Then I switched him up to point with Bob/Abel to learn his neutral game, so he can play a lot of ways.

So yea, in short, try pairing him with another character you like :-/.

GGs to you too rok! So mad my bear didn’t come out on top lol. I feel like I have to play so many characters in this game because they’re all so fun. Kuma especially

LP is 4F
MP is 5F
HP is 6F
EX is 3F

Sagat is pretty damn good in this game, I don’t know why he doesn’t get played more but Jibbo has been rocking him for a while and he’s one of the most visible SFxT players in N.A because of his stream.

That’s what I’m saying. Even before I switched to Fiberoptics I had no problems at all. PSN isn’t that bad and we have to remember that this isn’t South Korea. We don’t have GDLK Internet in the US and probably won’t for a long time. We are light years behind in Internet and wireless technology. Not because we are dumb, just because we try to figure out ways to profit from it before putting out there but that’s for another forum.

Those are my disciples lol

Exploting the crap out of Asuka’s flaws with all the new Asukas coming in.

AC her everytime she touches me and then zone her all day with Alisa, sorry new Asukas, ya gotta learn the hard way like we did in Vanilla.

Bison warped so hard away from that nerf hammer, nigga broke his own warp

Also, backdash if you got’em.

I was under the impression EX Tiger Uppercut was 4 frames but I could be wrong.

I thought so too, but for frame data testing me and street11 found out it’s 3 frames.

Feel free to reaffirm this please.

How did you test?

Just curious.


seriously, you should all come to the Paul forum, where sophisticated people discuss ALL characters :smiley:

Basically yea. My post was full of typos so just change any EX SRK to HP SRK (EX SRK is 4f start-up iirc), then change 2 active frames to 3 active frames and it’ll be easier to understand my posts. The law f+MP on block thing was done by zUkUu.

Sagat’s EX Tiger Uppercut being 3 frames must be a hidden change. I feel more than sure it was 4 frames before.

EDIT: It was 3 frames before, should of learned to not to believe in the frame data, lol.

The official guide is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. Every second entry is wrong. Paul alone has like 5 errors, Guile at least 3 (one of them being EX Flash Kick being 5F instead of 6). It’s a mess.
Chun’s EX SBK also has also not 8F start up btw. Seems like a common problem that EX moves are 1F faster than stated in the guide.

What does everyone think of the Evo gems?

The idea to either, 1. ban them or 2. run with presets seems based on the assumptions of someone that doesn’t actually play the game.