SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

I thought so too, but for frame data testing me and street11 found out it’s 3 frames.

Feel free to reaffirm this please.

How did you test?

Just curious.


seriously, you should all come to the Paul forum, where sophisticated people discuss ALL characters :smiley:

Basically yea. My post was full of typos so just change any EX SRK to HP SRK (EX SRK is 4f start-up iirc), then change 2 active frames to 3 active frames and it’ll be easier to understand my posts. The law f+MP on block thing was done by zUkUu.

Sagat’s EX Tiger Uppercut being 3 frames must be a hidden change. I feel more than sure it was 4 frames before.

EDIT: It was 3 frames before, should of learned to not to believe in the frame data, lol.

The official guide is the biggest mess I’ve ever seen. Every second entry is wrong. Paul alone has like 5 errors, Guile at least 3 (one of them being EX Flash Kick being 5F instead of 6). It’s a mess.
Chun’s EX SBK also has also not 8F start up btw. Seems like a common problem that EX moves are 1F faster than stated in the guide.

What does everyone think of the Evo gems?

The idea to either, 1. ban them or 2. run with presets seems based on the assumptions of someone that doesn’t actually play the game.

I lost my faith in official guide frame data quite a while ago. At least in start-up department (I’ll continue to trust them in active & recovery part)

Yea. Ryu’s EX Hadouken is actually 12f start-up, not 13f like it says in the guide. EX start-up problem seems to be concentrated in the frame data of SF characters.

And supers one frame slower.

But not all of them.

I still don’t get capcoms attitude towards the guide. They license these “official guide”, but then make the guide writers figure out all the frame data on their own. I mean, if your gonna license the guide, start by handing over the damned frame data.

mhh I never checked Paul’s EX Smasher start up. I mean, it’s quite slow, so it never really matters, but still.

Good stuff to Joe Lewis on commentary at Savage Saturdays. Much better than a lot of people commentating on sfxt.

Dang it, SRK broke on me right when I was gonna post that the PC lobby was up. And I couldn’t access it for the entire time the lobby was up. :mad:

Anyways, the lobby is now closed. Thanks to everyone who joined! I actually won the majority of the matches this time. :tup:

…though, I was using a Cody/Heihachi team, so that probably isn’t too impressive. :bluu:

Hopefully SRK decides to behave itself next week…I’m gonna be hopping on the IRC chat from now on to post when the lobby is up, just in case SRK breaks again.

frame data in sfxt is a heaping pile of crap. Most of it is soooooo wrong and so off.
anyway Some new lili tech talk which covers the lab.
New chapter of lili guide will be up tomorrow. YAY! Aside from that. you all have a great day watching football and calling in sick tomorrow for work!

Gotta let the players figure shit out :rolleyes:

And Sagat is fun, still dont get why hit toes dont hit you on his st.HK though. I mostly run Kaz/Sagat even though i want to change that

What’s wrong with SRK’s shenanigans anyway? I know that they have problems currently and want to move to a new server, but this is beyond ridiculous. How can a forum not handle 1500 people? Are we in [S]2004[/S] [S]2001[/S] 1998?

I need you SRK, don’t let me down. :frowning:

Some of the DLC characters are still in wild west mode with frame data too. Seems like no one sat down and checked them out.

yea listening to fooblat was pissing me off lol. “…yyyea hes doing that thing…and stuff…”

I asked this ? in the sagat thread. I use the shit out of him.

Yeah this is the main reason I don’t even wanna fuck with them anymore. This fucking game.

How the hell do you punish Rolento

I fucking hate this character

*Using Kaz/Sagat