SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

Destructive Normals
Move | Start up | Hit Advantage | Block Advantage
s.lp | 6 | +4 | +4
s.mp | 11 | +4 | -6
s.hp | 9 | float | -5
c.lp | 5 | +8 | -3
c.mp | 6 | -2 | -2
c.hp | 14 | KD | -9
f.mp | 18 | +2 | -6

You should make a new spreadsheet. Like the old one… But… Right.

I know that’s alot of work though, I’m thankful for the testing either way.

Question? What method are you using to get the data?

Nice! You good sir, are awesome for this.

Made a quick top and bottom ten, subject to tons of change obviously, game is young still,

Top 10

  • tons of characters make a case for themselves though

Bottom 10
Marduk (sorry Duke, too many mobility problems)
Paul (post 2013? unsure, he’s not THAT much better)
Raven (part of me wants to make this name Bison)

His EX DP is 3 frames

  • I keep the dummy jumping (paul because I know all his animations)
  • I jump with the character to see his first jumping frame
  • Move Input = 1F then moving forward frame by frame until it hits (easy to see due to block stun thing appearing, or hp loss / character portrait shake)
  • then I forward till the hit/block stun ends (either paul recovers or the character first) and count from then on how much it’s plus or minus. If paul\characters 1st jump frame appears that’s the starting point (and the first frame of hit dis\advantage) until the other characters 1st jump frame appears - whch is the first frame they are able to move\block\attack again, so the frame before is the last dis\advantage frame. if on frame 5 after the character has recovered (aka his 1st jump frame) paul has his 1st jumping frame, the move is +4.

and I asked the guy that made the table if he would grant me the right to edit the table, he hasn’t reported back in the other thread (Frame Data). you could ask him nicely again - If I would, I’d actually do the frame data for all DLC characters over the time.

Can someone who knows frame data tell me how much negative the first hit of Change of Direction puts Abel on block? I want to start using it more.

Thank you

What system are you on?

Did EWGF get easier by a frame or two?


It’s not good to use much, because the threat of a second Rekka doesn’t t even work as you’ll eat a DP regardless of what you do.

Boost and ex tackle are you main combo routs with Abel.

Haven’t felt a difference

can’t say how much recovery exactly since dunno how to split active frames from recovery. I can give you juggle frame duration. whole move on hit has a total of 29F including the start up).

Move | Start Up | Hit adv | block adv
cl.mp | 4 | +3 | +0

LP Hozanto | 24 | float | -3
MP Hozanto | 27 | float | -3
HP Hozanto | 36 | float | -3
EX Hozanto | 11 or 12 | wall bounce | -5

Hope I didn’t accidentally charged somewhere.
EX Charge moves are tricky to make out since they have additional frames of animation when done raw (lightning striking down and whatnot). It’s only reliable when you use cancel data. However, as I pointed out yesterday, some specials have then one additional frame of animation, while others not. so I can only pin it down to 2 frames.

Someone break down safe jumps, tbh I know what a setup looks and I can pretty much see one coming ( in some weird way) but like… I couldn’t tell you how to execute a safe jump in general or the ends and outs.

I thought it was common knowledge that you could safe jump Cammy’s DP. I’m fairly certain that Sagat’s EX DP is now 3 startup. But his LP DP is still 4 frames.

I can’t seem to safe jump Marduk’s Super. I’m gonna guess it has been buffed to 3 frames as well? Either that or it behaves like a counter/command throw even though it’s blockable.

Or Marduk has a different wake up speed, throwing off the safe jump.

Thank you so much, this is awesome information!

Top 8 was:

  1. Imstilldadaddy [Akuma Law]
  2. Odin [Alisa Cammy]
  3. Taaha [Abel Julia]
  4. Jester Power [Chun Cammy]
    5-. Kongrosion [Zangief Abel]
    5-. Joker Jokes [Bison Zangief]
    7-. Jordan [??]
    7-. Jack [Jin Ryu]

Full bracket / results can be found here: http://challonge.com/umsfxt2013w1

PSN man, but I’m Australian with literally the worst internet imaginable haha.

Well, tried Kuma online today and got totally creamed. Ken/Kuma seems to work combo-wise, but I still have no idea what I’m doing with Kuma, even though I thought I did. So until I get better with Kuma I need to find another partner for Ken. Any suggestions?

Also, wasn’t SRK supposed to close down like…yesterday? What gives? o_O

Is like a general tier list? Cuz you got Paul in the wrong ten…