SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

Ok well when you think there is something worth going to can you please let me know about 2-3 weeks ahead? If you could I would appreciate it. I would love to fight you but I’m on PS3. But I say you ask one of the guys on XBL to run one with you to post on there. Maybe Roknin, Joe Lewis, JKF, Cool Kid or whoever else I forgot to mention. lol

He does know that he is using Jin right? The guy who got unneeded buffs? If he can’t handle the heat, tell him to get off the sticks!

Well maybe we can get some games in someday. Im usually free until about 2 pm

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I have no problems with playing on PS3. I just need to borrow my friends PS3 version.

Sorry to post this in here, but is there a match making thread anywhere. Really trying to get back into this game but I am having trouble finding people to play with on a regular basis. Im on ps3 and xbox, east coast. Thanks!

There’s a pinned thread here. You can’t miss it.

We have a players directory where u can see who is from where and set things up from there. Also check the sfxt bi-weekly online tournament thread if you want to get a glimpse of the real action.

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Ok cool. Just let me know how that goes and give me a holler.

You should totally move to ATL. Then there would be like 4 of us playing here

Too late D:

From Sakura? I was a little disappointed in her changes as I was with most underpowered SF members.
Now Bob, hnnngh.

Ah I was referring to Asuka.

I was super hype at first… But I don’t think asuka’s changes make as big a difference as I was hoping for… :frowning:

It certainly gives her a massive reward on that hit anyway, and she doesn’t have to rely on her strings so much with the new st.mp and cr.mp being + on block, and damage increase on everything and combo potential shot up and meter nerf for most characters means she’ll be AC’ed less, and she builds more meter herself too.

She’s gonna be grand.

So, I’m thinking of trying out Rufus here…I know I’ll probably get some hate for it, but I really want to use a dive-kick character in this game, and Rufus is the only one (since Capcom decided not to put the twins in the game for whatever reason). Also because I want to try and be one of the few Rufus players who won’t constantly mash on cr.lk. :smiley:

Yes, I’m aware there are other characters with dive kicks, but they aren’t really “dive kick” characters…

So I’m gonna be trying out a Rufus/Paul team…'cause if I’m gonna use Rufus I have to use a character Rufus will mistake for Ken. :smiley:

Hang on…doesn’t Rufus mistake Lili for Ken? Let me check…

…well, he calls her goldilocks when he tags her in…

Rufus mistakes every blonde for Ken. IIRC his win quote against Llli refers to Ken wearing a dress to disguise himself. O___O

I hate Rufus with a passion for any number of reasons, but I still respect good Rufus players.

If you want to try it, go for it. Quit worrying about people hating you for your character choice. :-p

Please, please, please don’t do lllllmh combos with rufus. >:(

That’s why I’m trying him; so I can be one of the few Rufus users who doesn’t do that. :smiley:

So do you guys have any predictions for San Francisco?

My bet is on Alioune or Tokido to win it. If Tokido and Alioune fight I think Tokido will win, but I think Fuzzy will eliminate Tokido.

The main reason I think people hate Rufus is not because he’s a really good character but because the major reason he is so good is that he exploit things considered to be weaknesses of the game itself (light attack spamming hitconfirm into derp launcher chain, boost chain safety etc).
Also he has a dive-kick. Fuck dive-kicks.