SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

I think your Rolento will have a good chance against Juri. He has this pogo stick move which you can use to fool Juri into using her cr.HP and it is also invulnerable against her lk.Fuhajin (the fireball move. The lk version is so far the most used as far as I’m concerned) release.

Learn to block and be patient. Nina has a hard time vs people who can roam the skies.

Mods usually close threads, when they get too large, and make new ones.

What was wrong with the last thread? Is there a post limit or something?

Ok thanks definitly helps a ton you guys.

Seems Juri is public evil bitch #1. Can’t blame them, though. It seems everyone on the Raven forums have problems with that match up as well. She can get away with that cr. HP and mashing.

meh. Enough ranting on this. :S

With jibbo. Sfxt looking good. 20 bucks pot bonus =)
Wish u were all here

Completely off topic, this kind of has nothing to do with SFXT at all but…

I’m trying to move two video files from my computer to my external hard-drive (you know for back-up purposes just in case my computer breaks again like last time) but for some reason I can’t move two, 4GB sized files onto a 500GB External Hard drive because my operating system, Windows 7, states that:

‘The Destination of the file is too big’ or some message like that. Despite my external hard-drive having a good 400+GB free space.

So I was wondering, what can I do to get these two, 4GB files onto my external hard-drive?

Try to make a new folder in that drive and then move them. I’ve had this issue, mind you, it was with my phone. Even though there was free memory, it’s like the computer cannot access it.

Choose Pikachu

I actually feel kinda sorry for those people. It’s like they’re angry that we are enjoying this game and not theirs.

that feel when you know the guy’s gonna raw tag out of desperation and you go for a jump in punish and take 2/3 of his life for one bar, priceless.

Oh snap new thread!

…oh snap same hate for the spider girl. :-p

I came 4th in the SFxT tourney, I’ve never been so disappointed, I completely choked in one match when I had a match and a 1 round lead, I was annoyed with my play, I even had to switch my team vs one person :confused:


Still good stuff man. 4th out of how many? I know the feeling, just means more lab time. :slight_smile:

4th? Around how many people were there and did you get any money for that place?

Nearly everyone was pot monstering, so 4th isn’t really impressive, I think there was about 15-20, I might just stop with this game, there isn’t really gonna be much play for this game in this country now that our 25th is over and my confidence is kinda shattered after today.

Don’t let that stop you, use it as more motivation to get better and I’m pretty sure people will keep playing after the 25th.

And yo Norcal players, if you can come out to Bears Lair Sunday in Berkley, sessions are being setup there and we want more people for a wide varieity of games to come out.

Is your external drive formatted as FAT32? Those can’t handle individual file sizes above 4GB exactly (-1 byte). I know I had to reformat mine to the NTFS system (leading to a 16TB limitation) back when I used the bloody thing.

You can check by looking at the drive properties in explorer. And if I’m correct, either reverse-backup that drive and reformat it, or just zip the 2 files to a smaller size.

Come on, dude! Fourth with Asuka? Get the hell outta here, that’s a godlike placement. =)

Don’t be fazed! If you don’t turn up, then this game will die in our region (UK). You WILL improve. :slight_smile:

This, for sure. 4th out of that many people isn’t bad (even if they were pot ministering you still had to play them!). Just take some time to polish up what you think went wrong (if you can get footage of the matches of course that’s a huge help), and hit the lab. Take a small break before you do if necessary. :slight_smile: