SFXT Guy v2013 Changes



Here are the notes of changes for the Bushinryu
• Close MK - Frames increased by 4F (on hit +6F/on block +2F)

  • Frames increased by 6F for boost combos (on hit -3F/on block -7F)
    • Close HK - Frames increased by 10F for boost combos (on hit -8F/on block -13F)
  • Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • Far MP - Frames increased by 2F for boost combos (on hit -4F/on block -8F)
    • Far MK - Shortened frames by 2F (on hit ±0F/on block-1F)
    • Far HP - Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • Far HK - Push back on block for boost combos reduced
    • cr. MP - Frames increased by 7F for boost combos (on hit -4F/on block -8F)
    • cr. HP - Push back on block for boost combos reduced
  • Frames increased by 8F for boost combos (on hit -10F/on block -16F)
    • Jump MP - Can now be canceled
    • Ninja Sickle - Startup 12F->10F
  • Knock away changed to shoot straight up on hit
  • Push back on block reduced
  • Hit box enlarged
    • Bushin Gokusaken - Opponents now launched straight upwards on hit
    • Bushin Gokusaken Throw - Damage increased from 100->170
    • Neck Breaker - Became 2-hit move
    • Bushin Izuna Otoshi - Slowed timing of attack activation
    • M Bushin Kaiten Izuna Otoshi - Hit box property is now a strike instead of a throw
  • Increased air combo juggle counter
    • EX Bushin Kaiten Izuna Otoshi - Hit box property is now a strike instead of a throw
  • Increased air combo juggle counter
  • Increased invincibility time by 1F
    • EX Bushin Senpukyaku - Added area below the knees to the hit box
    • Neck Flip - First attack is now a mid-level attack
    • EX Run - Added Armor Effect to Sudden Stop follow up
    • Grab Throw/Shoulder Throw - Increased damage from 120->130
    Special move meter gain
    • Bushin Senpukyaku: whiff 15->10/on hit 20×number of attacks->12×number of attacks
    • Bushin Izuna Otoshi (Jump): Air 10
    • Bushin Izuna Otoshi (Elbow Drop): on hit 40->20
    • Bushin Izuna Otoshi (Throw): on hit 30->60
    • Run: whiff 10->5
    • Sudden Stop: whiff 10->5
    • Shadow Kick: whiff 5->15
    • Neck Flip: whiff 5->10/on hit 20+20(40)->20+10(30)
    • Kaiten Izuna Otoshi: whiff 15->10/on hit 30->80
    • Hozanto: whiff 15->0


I’ve mentioned awhile back that I was quite satisfied with his changelog. My only complaint is that Guy’s Elbow Drop remains unchanged. Whenever I input Down+MP first, it gets out beaten by other moves, which is ridiculous. His Elbow Drop hit box needs to be bigger.


Yeah his changes are good but they still kept his Elbow Drop the same which was a really bad decision because that was a move we all wanted to be buffed and have a actual air hitbox.


By the looks of it, he finally got his ever wanted bushin combo to air grab.


They should have enlarged the hitbox on his standing LP…I hate how much it whiffs.


Tomoaki Ayano response on Guy’s Bushin Gokusaken:



so i can build alot of meter and gain a hard knockdown?


I think some very interesting changes for Guy, at least compared to the blandness of most of the changes on the sfxt roster. The high damage and utility of his TC chains are going to be great for losers like me with the nerfing to hell of all boosts.

What I really would have liked to see is an increase in launched height as he is one of the few characters whose partner may not be able to perform their optimized combos with. Kind of annoying that he suffers in both launching and coming off a launch, though if theory is right he should be a god at converting raw launchers to damage although it may scale too much during boost combos.

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in v2013 Guy is the new Cody, i called it!


I still think that without the hitbox elbow drop from the air, Guy is ridiculous chara.


Guy has the potential in SFxT; even in the current version of the game. But as of right now, he’s just lacking few changelogs that sort of take him down when it comes to air-to-air combat. His rushdown is still great, especially if you know how to frame-trap it correctly (but personally, I take more fond of his AE rushdown more).

Even though I no longer play this game, I hope for the best for Guy, because he deserves it the most.


WOW! I just watched the video for Guy’s changes! I’m stoked! The Run armor alone is fantastic, but I’m REALLY digging the comboable KIO & the EX BSK reversal hitbox!!!
Seems as though Guy’s best defense will be a relentless offense.