SFxT - I don't know how to be aggressive!


Hi, I’m an okay player @ SFxT. Currently a high B rank. So I know the combos/basic stuff. However I’ve done this all through pretty much camping/staying in one spot waiting to see how people react. (Not literally one spot but I turtle).

Thing is, I really want to be aggressive in this game, but I have no idea how. Alot of the times I get overwhelmed by aggressive players with good mixups and I want to be like that. Can anyone show me/give me any tips on how to be aggressive please?? Thanks.

& If you want to play we can also play, I play on PS3.

  1. learn which of your buttons are good and which are bad.
  2. Push them alot.
  3. ???
  4. profit.

In all seriousness, you learn to be aggressive by… actually being aggressive. Stop turtling and just start working your way in, eventually you’ll find what works for your characters.




Pick Rolento… You won’t regret it


Rolento + Hold Forward + s.LP > … > Knockdown > Pogo mixups


There’s nothing wrong with turtling, but if you want to be aggressive, you may start by using only offensive boost gems.


Walk up jab works miracles. Move canceling to dash is extremely retarded as well.