SFxT: I feel like I'm in over my head

Hi guys,

I’ve played Tekken 3 to 6, Street Fighter 2 to 4, I’ve played Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men vs Street Fighter, etc … I have no problem doing stuff like air combos, 10-strings, or like, SF3 Dudley’s command strings. I know I’m a bit of a noob, but I know I’m enough that I’m not a button masher.
But for the life of me, I just can’t chain something like Xiaoyu’s standing lp -> lp -> lp -> lk.

I can totally do Asuka’s crouching lk -> standing mk -> down + mp -> forward-down-forward kicks (not sure if that’s accurate, but it’s different normal moves chained into a special move). But for some reason, I can’t chain the simple ones. I can stand in training mode trying Xiaoyu’s lp-> lp with different rhythms and I’d get it maybe 1 out of 20. :frowning:

Would appreciate any tips or comments anyone has.
Thanks in advance!

Do you understand the difference between chains and links?

Just keep in mind that this is a new game, and don’t be so hard on yourself; have faith in your skills, and keep working on your timing. We are all learning right now, so you aren’t alone in struggling with certain aspects, so keep at it and don’t give up; you should be fine ;).

Please correct me if I’m wrong. Still learning :slight_smile:

A chain is where you can press the next button before the animation is done, whereas a link is where we take advantage of hitstun animation, in which case, we wait for the hit, then input the next one. So a chain would be something like lp -> mp -> hp -> hk, whereas a link would be something closer to a Tekken 10-string, where you try to time the next attack to be right after each hit. Trying hard both ways, in case what I’m doing it was wrong, and just not very consistent I guess.

Thanks! I’ll try my best!

Yeah that’s pretty close. Basically, a link is where you let the animation for your move end completely and immediately input another move. Here’s theframe data for SFxTekken in PDF form (complements of gilley). Based on that, lp -> lp is a link. s.lp is +7 on hit and starts up in 5 frames, making it a 3 frame link to combo. You have a 3 frame window to hit lp after your first lp combos in order to get another one. This should be very do-able if you practice more. s.lk is also 5 frames. Make sure it doesn’t whiff on crouchers and make sure it’s not a range issue where you’re just whiffing the last jab.

Set the opponent to auto block. If they block in between your jabs (and the first one hit) then you hit the button too slow. If your second jab doesn’t come out, then you did the button too fast.

It’s just practice honestly. Once you get confident at it, you’ll literally never drop it. I promise.

Thanks! Actually, just searching through the site, I realize that shoryuken.com already put up an awesome video for the timing for every single character.

You can get to it here: http://shoryuken.com/2012/03/14/street-fighter-x-tekken-all-trials-completed-with-handcam-by-vesper-arcade/

Also includes a “hand” cam so you can watch the fingers and hear the timing.

Thank you both for your replies and support :slight_smile: Back to practice for me!

i don’t think you can chain a normal before a normal cancel. So if xx is a cancel

You can’t do
lk xx lk xx mk xx special move,
But I think you can do

lk xx lk ( LINK ) mk xx special move.

xx refers to cancel in notation, use commas or something else in between links. In cross tekken you can cancel from boost combos (light medium heavy chains) into EX moves.

this makes sense, except some people don’t know a comma = link, hence me emphasizing that it was a link.