#SFxT IRC chatroom on Efnet, come one, come all!



Just select efnet as a server and put in w/e name and #SFxT in channel

An alternative web client for efnet is


Webchat login is on the right, the usual, put in any nickname and then #SFxT.

Alternatively, you can use mIRC or other IRC clients.


You click on tools, then options, click on Efnet folder, pick a relevent server, put in nickname and tick the “new window box” and connect! The channel is #SFxT, so type in /join #SFxT

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That’s a good idea. When my stream is up people there was always discussion on the stream chat – even when it was off. Only thing is it may be redundant to have another place to hang out once my stream is running again cough cough SECDEF cough cough

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I’d totally dig it, I don’t know how it will affect traffic on the forum though.


I’m a bit unfamiliar with your stream, is it a 24/7 stream? if so then scrap this idea :stuck_out_tongue:


Is it possible to use the stream chat via IRC? I’d rather not keep a stream open all the time.


You can minimize the window of the IRC chat and put it over the stream chat if you are watching the stream/chatting.

That’s what I do in my chats when I’m watching streams.


It was 24/7 mostly but currently I’m not able to really stream right now due to work. http://www.twitch.tv/automattock I’ll be back towards the end of next month… hopefully >_>

I tried to stream SFxT PC on my laptop earlier today and I think my processor almost vomited blood… or acid… whatever machines vomit when they’re in pain.


It’d be a place where people can just idle in and strike up a conversation whenever.

I’m just concerned about it possibly taking discussion away from this forum.


You can access the JTV IRC via any IRC client (ie the same way you access Efnet/Quakenet).
Here are the instructions: http://www.justin.tv/p/irc_guide
I’m usually idling in the chat and I often see Slayerslice, Darkphyre/Shaniril, and Mr. Hunter as well. Most of the regulars don’t show up anymore though :sad:


What’s the name of the channel?

EDIT: Got it sorted.


The channel is up on Efnet, it’s #SFxT

I just need to figure out how to set perma ops on it, but if everyone can go in there and idle to keep the channel there, that’d be great :stuck_out_tongue:

There is no site for the webchat for efnet, so you could use your client to access Efnet server (clients like mIRC)


You click on tools, then options, click on Efnet folder, pick a relevent server, put in nickname and tick the “new window box” and connect! The channel is #SFxT, so type in /join #SFxT


What’s wrong with quakenet? Everyone uses it…


I was actually thinking of moving to Quakenet since Efnet is pretty outdated and there’s no perma ops.

But all the FG/SRK groups are on efnet, so we’d attract people there, but if people want to move to Quakenet (a better server with more features), I don’t mind, I know how to setup perma ops and some cool features on Quakenet. Wouldn’t take me long to do it.

I think this is a better idea since we potentially could lose the channel due to a takeover, if no one’s there to op, so Quakenet is a better option, it’s just all the FG chats are on Efnet, and we might take in a person or 2 from the other FG chats

What do you all think?


We’ll just leave it at Efnet for now, I’ll put the post on how to enter the chat into the OP


So… I don’t see a lot of regulars in the room…
I (the great) happen to lounge in #SFxT often. That should be more than enough reason for you guys to get in there.


Sorry I didn’t appreciate that beating you gave me yesterday with Kazuya. 60% damage meterless with EWGF made me really want to just give up put down the controller and let you perfect me both rounds. Unfortunately my partner wouldn’t have been too thrilled with me if I had done that.


[quote="Fergus2k8, post: 7302904, member: 12823"The channel is up on Efnet, it’s #SFxT[/quote]

Awesome, another channel for me to idle in 24/7. I approve.


That guys Chun was too cheap and annoying so I had to retaliate. :expressionless:


I’ll be in periodically, and probably a lot tomorrow after work once I’m able to get some good alone time with the new squad.


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