SfxT is a further reduction in play (yet another chain combos dumb games down thread)


Granted there may be an argument that SF4 exceeded expectations and should not be the norm for what we judge other alliterations of the SF series… but enough with my reasoning for posting my thoughts and more on the thoughts themselves.

Many have speculated on the numerous reasons sfXt dwindled in depth when compared with SF4, but personally I believe the combo system lacked technicality.

There is obviously more to it, and this is why it failed in my eyes… a personal opinion;

This new addition to the SF franchise, which being made by CAPCOM and as such it should be judged, adapts the MK9 dial a combo system in more ways than one. I can understand reading the opponent is good reasoning behind pushing any sort of button, even in street fighter 4 there is no way to know for sure is the opponent was controlling space to shut down options or reacting when watching the opponent.
However this allows the spectator to exaggerate the players ability and the player to build his ego, it’s entertaining to watch and more importantly analyze. In sfXt I personally was doing the combos in day one that I would be repeating to this very day, who needs training mode when there is no need for precise button inputs.

SF4 reduces allot of the precise inputs that gave its other sister titles their notoriety (in) competitive game play, but my worry is this.

The way the SF franchise is going is to reduce to the game play as much to appeal to the widest audience, which may be a good business model, but were will the FGC turn for competitive play?.
I quite like street fighter and would rather not have to switch to tekken for some technical game play, maybe MK9 will do away with there predictive play and allow for precise button inputs in the future?
Will capcom adapt a block button into their future titles?


Scrubquotes is back!

Why not just play the games you love, and ignore the ones you dislike? There have been plenty of bad games made by Capcom for the FGC, a majority of which didn’t see the light of day in the competitive field. It’s not like we HAVE to play SFxT, or that we HAVE to jump ship to other games. There’s absolutely no reason why we can’t continue playing SF4 or UMVC3 for many more years, until we have another game that the community prefers to play at tournaments.


Most of the reason people don’t really wanna play this game right now has nothing to do with the gameplay for the most part outside of the gems, but that’s because some of it is gameplay you have to pay for.

It just plays too much like SFIV for me to care (just wasn’t a fan of the game’s mechanics, felt very dry to me). It’s just all the other random shit from this game outside of basic mechanics where I’m just like “not trying to spend my time”.


chain combos arent the problem in sfxt. they still have links. just because there isnt an over reliance on 1f links doesnt mean its a lack of depth. the combo system has a tonne of depth. the biggest difference ist hat they have a horrible scaling system that rewards doing the very basic combos. marvel has abc launcher combos. its not like this is the first game with some chains. most 3s characters have chains as well. ibuki uses her chains all the time in sf4. you not doing the more technical combos doesnt mean the system lacks depth. and combos dont equate to skill in any way. id be evo champ every year if it came down to training mode master. people were loving dive kick and it has no combos and just 2 buttons. depth has nothing to do with combos and execution is not a measure of skill - just a barrier for people to get over.


Chains are not a bad thing. In other games, it makes for a fast pace and offensive (Darkstalkers series and Vs series use chains)

And MK9s combo system is very 3D fighter-esque, just not as many moves as Tekken, SC or VF.


the damage scaling is LOL watching people waste meter on huge tag combos and they’re literally doing no damage at all.


why is this thread here?


Damn you for making me see the sfxt letters again.

And why are people replying to it!?!?!??!



Boy, the OP wasn’t stupid like me and posted a thread like this in the SFxT forum. Why? The butthurt SFxT fans start jumping all over you and say silly things like this is a tourney viable game… lol. They get REALLY offended.


I only play sf4 when drunk and I only post on this website when drunk and my opinions should only be taken as that of a drunk person. But this picture is a visual representation of my feelings. I’m sooo very insulted by how CAPCOM took their fans faith and abused it in this manner, SF4 was far from perfect but they put in the extra hours and we could see that in the game. SF cross Tekken just felt like they were attempting to abuse our faith in the current revamp of fighting games for profit, they are capable of making good fighting games.

I would like to add my thanks to Tom Hanks for helping me come to terms with my emotions with his acting… Thank you Tom Hanks


Yeah, it’s interesting how fervently they defend their game. Not that there’s anything wrong with defending their game’s tournament viability, but it just reminds me of how the Smash community acts whenever the whole question comes up about whether or not they’re a fighting game.

Jesus, who gives a shit, just play your game.


Yeah the scaling is bad in SFxT. There’s a lot of really good stuff you can do with the tag mechanics. If the damage wasn’t so terrible beyond a few hits, it’d be so much better.

They really only removed the passive reductions at sub health percentages. Combo scaling is just off without gems. With gems, it’s a lot better and it makes up for it because you can still stack the damage gems through multipliers. If nobody’s really learning to play the game with it? Yeah, it’s bland.


Wah wahh… Yet another “insert game here” is dumb/noob/scrub friendly/shallow simply because it has chain combos thread.


Can’t you ban people for making threads like this?


Cool story bro, you should tell it at parties. Or better yet keep it to yourself. I dislike SFxTK myself but I won’t make a rant thread about it in a sub forum for a completely different game like an idiot.


Not my section.


“This game is too dumb for me”

SRK 2009-



Yea coming from the guy who thought beating an evo player was prestigious loolz. As if you know anything about tourney viability loolz


This is a good question you posed because this shows that Capcom is headed toward making booming business for big dollars, the reasoning behind that is certainly they pay attention to those who complain about SF AE being too techincal and should play more like Ultimate Marvel meaning one should do just 1 fireball motion vs having to do it twice to activate an Ultra, combos should be more loose like Marvel and more accessible, that’s where they came up with the idea of SF X TK to give it more of that Marvel style of play easy combos and specials. Capcom just failed with that project because of bad decisions, gems, online problems also the dlc controversy. Capcom understands that everyone can’t play SF AE style but the FGC Vets is more comfortable with old fashion challenging which is why KOF XIII gets much respect. But the problem is that there more newcomers entering FGC, but if newcomers are watching and sampling FG’s and don’t understand the mechanics they wont play or would rather just play Marvel, Capcom would rather spread bigger ideas and put out new projects to get these new people to play. But when Vets troll games and expose it for what’s it worth then projects fails and Capcoms value goes down. But where would FGC turn for competitve play? the same old games they been playing KOF XII, SF AE, Ultimate Marvel, Blaze Blue and Skull Girls, these games are the still taking over and aint going anywhere especially if venues and big names are backing these games . But trust me when I say this Tekken Tag 2 will own these games.