SFxT is a HARD game


It’s so easy to look at this game, see the chains, the goofy colours and farting bears and just dump it in the ‘dumb game’ box. Now, I’m not sure it’s possible to lose any more SRK cool points if I tried but, SFxT is a hard game.

The amount of mental management this game demands to play it efficiently and ‘properly’ is a notch above at least all the current crop of fighters imo. Your correct (i.e efficient) option at any one time changes in this game repeatedly and frequently based on numerous variables like no other game I’ve played in a long while. Choosing the most efficient combo for example based on a combination of multiple health bars (including grey health) and current meter is HARD WORK mentally. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong. Improving in this game first and foremost I think is incrementally reducing the amount of inefficient options you take, this is pretty hard when the options you do take ‘work’, but don’t work near their potential. I can just do this, job done. Everyone can play it, very few can play it efficiently.

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As much as I agree, and I really do, the game has some complicated combos with chain - links and a fairly indepth oki due to needing to OS rolls as well as counter regular wake - up reversals, I can’t see this thread ending pleasantly.

I mean, the people that are support the game need no convincing at this point, I mean even top players are openly sticking up for it but you still hear a lot of the same, mindless, uninformed garbage from stream - monsters who can’t make up their own minds.

As much as I’d like to see the community evaluate the game now that it has more than week one technology behind it, all I see coming out of this is flamebait.


I’m really beyond the stage of posting here just to curry favour with other members. There’s a big difference between only posting agreeable topics and deliberately flame baiting.


You can curry my favor anytime, as long as it’s good.


On topic: I agree with your points but the game also lets you “just do shit”. And fuck ez mode chains.
PS. Did we really need a new thread for this capsaicin?


We don’t really need a new thread imo.

The game does let you just do it but not moreso than other games. I mean even confirming into a boost off a jab does less overall damage than doing the same combo minus the easy jab confirm. To get optimal damage you HAVE to use links.

While there is some easy - mode shit, it’s no worse than the easy stuff in other games and it doesn’t pay off against a strong opponent.


It’s as hard as any other 2d fighter…(maybe not MK9)


There’s a lot of decisions to be made regarding teams, like the perfect time to tag in/out your partner, meter management is a lot more important than SFIV, combo decisions, etc.

One thing I would like to see go however is safe boost chains, kinda goes against the ideas of footsies fishing for launcher all day.

You certainly are expected to learn a lot of stuff anyway regarding the Tekken side, gotta know what strings do what and how to approach them, I see a lot of people complaining about being hit by “random stuff” where it’s just simply lack of knowledge.


Every game is hard in their own way.


Honestly, I find this game much easier than UMvC3. I find SFxT less confusing and much easier to win in, IMHO (I am still trying to get used to Marvel’s fast pace and dashing with 2 attack buttons). But there are complex combos in this one as well.


It’s hard to sell a copy on craigslist, I tell you what!


I agree, but I think the word you’re looking for is challenging. Execution wise it’s pretty nice, the combos are often pretty straight forward (though links are always difficult to master), though this might depend on the character you pick.


Utilizing all the new mechanics (chains, ACs, launchers, tag system, rolling, blah blah) will take time to learn, but once you begin to understand how to use all these it isn’t a very hard game. It’s more complicated than it is difficult because of how crowded the game is in features.


Why do people always say this game has crowded game mechanics?

GG: Slashback, Faultless defense, Alpha counters, Supers, Roman Cancels, False Roman Cancels, burst (2 different types), force breaks
SXT: Tags, Tag cancel, Ex moves, Alpha counter, Super, Team Super, Team up super, pandora
Cvs2: Alpha counter, Custom Combos, 3 lvls of super, lvl 2 super cancel, lvl 3 only supers, parry/just defend, roll, dodge

I don’t get where people are saying its just crammed with features, it seems average to me.


Considering what thread you posted this in, you better hope this doesn’t cause world war 3.


Its not execution hard, but you do have to pay attention to resources and weigh your options as you go.

I prefer this anyday over execution heavy combo dropping and wrist twisting hard.


What game are you comparing SFxT against wrt to it’s execution requirements?


none in particular, I just welcome sfxt’s inputs over many ive played over the yrs. I’ve been playing fighters since SF2


You find this game hard because of each player having two health bars? Yo, imagine if Capcom made a game with three.


You don’t have two life bars in SFxT.

You MIGHT have two life bars in SFxT.

And, that is a huge difference.


This exactly, in Marvel, King of Fighters etc. if you lose a character, you can still make a comeback with the other one, in SFxT you can have a character on full health just sitting in the wings and they never get to see play. Raw tagging tends to cost you a ton of life in this game as well, you really need to be clever with how you do it.