SFXT Japanese and English voice comparison (video)


Since no one else has apparently done this, here is the voice tracks of each SFXT character, both in Japanese and English.
Discuss what you think of this and/or which voice is better suited or anything else for that matter.


Dumb discussion, we’ve seen it time and time again, some are better in english, some are better in japanese. this thread is done.


I’m pretty sure many threads have been done before, I just wasn’t sure if there was a video comparison was done before.


No offense, but we all have the voices on each of our discs. These threads are just bait for people to start throwing out “Dumb-american fuck, dick-sucking weeaboo fag” insults all around :stuck_out_tongue: It’s usually what happens.


Well… that’s what Youtube is for at the end of the day, so it’s good to see mature people like you to be on the web to foresee this happening.


LOL @ Akuma’s English voice when he said “Messatsu”.


Hwoarang’s english voice is unbearable


Thanks for trying to save us all from insults by trying to shut down this thread with insults. :tup:


Great video! I have a few of the characters in English (Guile, Cammy, Marduk). Definitely adding Bob and maybe Poison. Yeah and Akuma’s English voice is lolz.
Juri’s English voice so bad ;_;


I appreciate the upload. Yeah we have it on the disc but I’m not going to individually compare all the voices myself. That’s why I have strangers on the internet!

I’ll probably just keep it all in english cause I’m a lazy bastard. But I appreciate it all the same : ).


it’s not so much about the voices, although 90% of them are terrible. but the scripts they have to read are SO bad.

and also +1 to ROFL at English Akuma


It’s the SRK way.


English Akuma -“MY SLUTS!!”


I put everyone in English. How else would they understand each other? How likely is it that these multicultural people speak Japanese? English, fine. Japanese? Never. Also, Sagat doesn’t sound like Scooby-Doo. Always a plus.


I’d love to see all the characters speak their original languages. Apparently that is going to be the case in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


Well it’s good for people like me who are too lazy to spend 30 minutes trying out all the voices.


StrawhatSoul - thank you so much for this! I’d been looking for something like this and until now couldn’t find one. A great quick reference so I can decide which characters I like in which language. Good stuff!

Edit: since you asked for feedback in the youtube description; I’d like to see a version where you do all of a characters specials/super in one language then the other. Its one thing to hear their pre-fight speech, but moveset audio is arguably more important.




ryu jap
ken jap
kaz jap
nina jap
abel jap
guile jap
kuma —
heihachi jap/eng
lili jap
asuka jap
chun jap
cammy jap
geif jap/eng
rufus jap
julia jap
bob jap/eng
sagat jap
dhalsim jap
paul eng
law jap
balrog jap
vega jap
yoshi —
raven jap/eng
ibuki jap
rolento jap
king —
marduk jap/eng
hugo jap
poison jap
hwoarang jap
steve jap/eng
biosn jap
juri jap
jin jap
xiayou jap
akuma jap
ogre —

as always.


ryu jap
ken eng
kaz jap
nina eng
abel eng
guile eng
kuma —
heihachi jap
lili eng
asuka jap
chun eng
cammy eng
geif eng
rufus eng
julia eng
bob eng
sagat eng
dhalsim eng
paul eng
law eng
balrog eng
vega eng
yoshi —
raven eng
ibuki jap
rolento eng
king —
marduk eng
hugo jap
poison eng
hwoarang eng
steve eng
biosn eng
juri eng
jin jap
xiayou jap
akuma jap
ogre —

My setup.