SFxT: Jump in > jab jab jab > Jump crossup

How the fuck do you beat this? Its the simplest garbage ever in a fighting game and I can’t even get close to beating this with characters I use. Keep in mind I’m losing to the top tiers who basically have unbeatable strings if you have no meter to alpha counter. Jin, Law, Kaz, Nina. Hell even Ryu gives me issues. Their pattern is this: Safe string > jump crossup> safe string > either grab or repeat.  Yet if they aren’t doing this I have no problem anti-airing. I use Alisa, Asuka, Abel, and Juri. For Asuka and Juri I usually have to spam counters because if I don’t 1.) I get stuck in their crossup over and over, 2.) I dash under and get hit anyways, 3.) I block and they just mash out DP or other invincible nonsense that the top tiers have and I’m stuck in another combo. <br><br>I know there’s a way to beat it. I just can’t do it. the Cammy’s and Chun’s keep walking all over me. Are my reactions not fast enough? I anti-air fine when they are farther away. But put me up close and suddenly my AA’s don’t work. I don’t have a Ryu/Akuma/Sakura AA that hits right above my head. SO what can I do? Does not need to be character specific advice, just in general if you don’t know any of the characters I play. Thanks all for your help. <br>

Air to air.<br><br>Walk/dash under and punish their landing frames.<br><br>Walk/Backdash AA.<br><br>Auto-correct cross-cancel.<br>

Catch them with an air to air normal.  Most commonly a jump HP or HK, but depends on your character.  Doing this often leads to an air counter hit that lets you do juggle combo afterwards.  You can also try dashing under them, again it’s character dependent.  I know Juri can dash under cross-up attempts.  Just test stuff out in training room.<br>

jump back\up +any fast a2a works best.

You. Kill yourself. You play JURI and you can’t anti-air???

Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way:

If they’re jumping left right over you, just block. You KNOW they’re going to DP you after, so keep blocking and punish that. Blocking sounds like a pain, but think about the long term here - they know you don’t have the answer, so they keep spamming.

What kinds of strings are you facing? Many of them are probably unsafe in 2013.

Juri’s c.HP works great against this.

Abel can just roll away.

Asuka might be a bit susceptible, but just keep blocking and be patient.

Alisa…I don’t know how she works, sorry.

Jump back jab will work for sure.

Abel’s cl.hp beats crossups solidly in SF4, I would test it.

Record the string in training mode, practice against it yourself.

Thanks for the tips guys. Gonna hop in the lab later and see what I can figure out. The problem is the characters I lose the most too have dominant air-air like Jin’s j HK which beats out everything even if I try jump back and anything.

In terms of my issue with Juri it seems to be my timing sucks. In SFxT 2012 I’d have no issues anti-airing but with the 2013 nerf apparently my timing isn’t sufficient enough. It loses to j.HK shotos all the time or at the very least will trade. Also with Abel he can’t roll because he has no invincibility on the startup however his EX works fine…just feels kind of like its wasting meter but I dunno I guess if it gets me out its worth it.

Jump back BEATS the crossup, because you are pressing your button earlier in anticipation of hitting them in the air, they are pressing the button late, in anticipation to hit you standing as a crossup. Jump back HP is the solid oldschool fundamental for this, a lot of the new player dont have in their reportoier. While crossing you up, they are also in close range, so a lot of cl.hp version work against this (Cammy, Abels, Bisons come into mind), you can hit them clean out of the air after they passed your head.

So it should beat them clean then? (assuming I’m not in the corner) I ask only because again, characters like Jin have HUGE hitboxes on those j.HK so even when I try to jump back it’ll trade. Trade is better than getting stuck in it but it still frustrates me. I’ll work on reacting faster with that.

Go to training mode and practice against it yourself. Record the dummy doing the blockstring and see what works.

Mission Schabernack explained well what happens in a real game. It’s important to note that they COULD time their jump in as an air to air jab and beat you because they had frame advantage. But because they are crossing you up and because they have to time their move late to hit a grounded opponent, they’re essentially guessing on whether to attack immediately or wait for the crossup timing. And if they whiff in the air you get a grounded combo. If they air to air you they probably land too late to get a CH combo.

If you’re trading you’re not jumping fast enough. Literally hold up back and do a rising jab.

It looks like for Asuka a rising jab will have to suffice. Alisa’s j.HP is fast enough to come out but Asuka’s j heavies are not.

With Asuka you can use j.MK, or f.LK, or EX falling rain, or c.MK to low-profile under the crossup.
Depends on what character is trying to cross u up so I’d suggest going to the lab and playing around to see what works and what doesnt.

Well I’m happy to say that everyone’s advice is working. I’m getting better at reacting and jumping back. Still having issues with Asuka because I only now see I should be using j.MK or fLK. But for Abel, Juri, and Alisa its working. Still need some practice with Asuka.

With Alisa, you can Eject Slider away and then start your zoning again. DES s.HP is a great anti-air which can lead to big damage (s.HP, cr.MP xx Thruster Left and then tag your partner). Also, use the raw launcher, as it beats low attacks.

Also, never use Happy Propeller.

what character you using? Try to figure out what air to air normal they have that has high priority. A good neutral jump normal can knock a character out of the air who is trying to cross you up all day- if you get a counter hit you get to deal even more damage too, but make sure you know it’s a good normal, or the same can happen to you

…you’re playing ASUKA and can’t AA? /facepalm

ex-falling rain EATS crossups. (and any airborne move in general)
f+lk has 9 frames of air-crush and leads to a 360+ dmg combo (and it’s hitbox is WAY up there so it will beat most crossups if done early enough)
st.lp is invulnerable from the shoulders up and starts in 3 frames…
jumping back MK or MP beats almost all crossup attempts.
cr.mk to tripguard certain jump attacks into cancan combos (seriously, her hurtbox is so damn low cr.mk might as well be fully invincible)


cr.hp obviously.
cr.mp for the few jump-ins cr.hp doesn’t work on (vega’s j.hp/j.hk, marduk j.hp/j.hk etc)
cr.mk to trip-guard certain attacks for a free combo into senpusha switch cancels…
jump back hk…
super neutral jump hk
kasatushi when you’re feeling yourself
st.lp for annoying rufus dive kicks
cl.hp for deep crossups (and sim teleports lol)

for ALL characters…

jab > jab > crossup? Thats cool bro, let me just take 2 steps forward while you’re jumping over me and punch you in the face when you land.

I can anti air with Juri’s cr.HP and Asuka’s f.lk fine when they aren’t crossing me up. I can judge the timing and distance for those easy. Its when they are 2 feet away and immediately jump then crossup, jab jab etc. Those 2 are not viable for crosusps. Also falling rain is dependent on meter. If i have no meter, I have no counter. For Juri neutral jump HK i trade or lose to guys like Jin, Kaz, and Ryu every time. Its not as good as Chuns. Also will work on cr.MK for her too. I love how it dodges some projectiles though.

I’ve never heard of back MK or MP beating crossups so I shall practice that.

i use sagat and ken…i am getting killed by cross ups with sagat…i try to counter with standing HK before the cross up begins but if i miss its a big punish…with ken i use LP shoryuken to counter but its the same idea…if i miss i take heavy damage…any ideas?

It’s rough for Sagat because of his huge hitbox, it’s harder from him to avoid cross-up attacks (which is why he’s a projectile character with high and low shots, as well step kick: all of his best options involve keeping an opponent out of a position where they can do crossup stuff). Your best bet is to practice using LP TU or auto-correct DP, or just work on your zoning in general. EX TK might be good for getting you out of there, but it’s not fully invincible and might be stuffed. Such is the trial that comes with being the King :frowning:

But yeah, for both Sagat and Ken, work on auto-correct DPing and the opponent will be less likely to try cross-up shenanigans.

In SF4, Sagat’s cl.mp is a good tool against crossups. S.hk is not.