[SFxT / KOFXIII] Input Help?


Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to stumble upon this thread! I really appreciate any help I get in here.

You can skip the tl;dr if you like, it’s just me whining about how bad I am :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna start by saving I’ve been playing fighting games casually for a long time but I never really took the time to learn anything more than the basic DPs and quarter circles. After watching EVO 2011 and 2012 I finally decided I want to focus and put serious effort into fighting games. I really like KOFXIII because it reminds me the most of my favorite fighting game, CvS2 but I can’t seem to get even the most basic normal strings down so for now, I’m working on SFxT. I’m really enjoying it!

As of now, I feel I’m the best with Juri, mostly because I played a little SF4 AE but after her I really have no one. I picked up Lars after a few failed relationships with Kazuya/Ken/Cammy and I’m slowly learning that there’s a single universal factor as to why I can’t seem to advance at all in any fighting game

Stringing normals together.

I finally came to this realization playing through Lars’ trials. I was using numerous youtube videos as guidelines whenever I got stuck until I got to a particular trial where I had to link two light kicks and spend about 45 minutes unable to do just that. Lars’ trial 18
I’ve watched this video multiple times and spent the last hour emulating the exact timing but still can’t.

I couldn’t do anything in KOFXIII outside of specials Neo Maxs and It seems like in SFxT all I can really do are specials, supers and that basic L M H combo everyone has.

To skip tl;dr start here -------------
is there any sort of animation hints the game gives you as to when to input the second button or are there any sort of timing hints FGC can give me as to how to get it in my muscle memory. I cant seem to string together normals outside of the basic L M H in SFxT


Just practice… right now your hands are dumb cause of the lack of coordination and muscle memory.
Theirs not much else i can say to help you besides practice. And watching the guys timing is only gonna give you an idea when to link the moves not the exact time, your not a robot. Lol
try paying attention to the moves ending frames, or listening to the sounds of the hits after each hit is also another common method for linking moves.


Pretty much that above. Unless your hidden IRL identity is Taskmaster, watching that vid will only give you so much. Timing with links is pretty much self taught and I’ve always believed only limited advice can be offered. For instance with Juri in AE, someone can tell you that EX divekick > Ultra 2 is easiest achieved when they drop below the health bar after the wall bounce, but even then unless you have a real feel for when Ultra 2 should be thrown in order to land you’ll drop it much more than you should.