Sfxt meter gain question!


Hey guys ive searched the forum high and low for this answer and cant find it anywhere with regards to meter gain, I want to simply know is meter gained scaled during combos? for eg 5 uncombo’d medium punches build 4/10th of a meter each but in a combo they would each do less say 1/10th i know damage scales quite obviously but theres seems to be no difference in meter gain and i am not sure how i can test or confirm this please help srk!


I broke this down and figured out the break down for all moves. I promised to put it up in another thread. Give me a day or so and I’ll get it up!!


I have a meterbuilding question too.
If my char has a gem which activates when using a launcher, is the +40% meter gain working although he is in the background? or is it only active when he is coming in again?


go to training and check it out?


Clever answer. Thanks.
First of all, I am not at home.
Secondly, it’s not as easy to see as e.g. a damage figure. Would be easier, if someone…, well just knew it. Thought that’s one of the reasons you have such a forum… To ask questions and get answers… Useful answers


short answer: Yes.

long answer: When a move connects you seem to gain additional meter (beyond what you’d gain for whiffing) based on damage done, so when your damage scales to 10% you’re only gaining “whiff amount + (dmg - 90%)”. This is based purely on my observation during training mode and there may be other factors.


I hardly use meter unless it’s for my super art or a big combo. Anyone else meter stingy? Lol

Off-topic a bit, i know :slight_smile:


I tested my problem now. Just for info: if char has a gem, that activates when he uses a launcher, it only works for THAT char and runs out even if he’s tagged out.
It only makes sense when you tag him in again e.g. with a switch cancel back

@echelon: if I use Kaz with Gief I use meter mainly for Giefs Super or Ex Grabs because my Kaz has EWGF power :slight_smile:
If I use Hwoarang I use most of it for EX Hawk cause it extends his damage output a lot.
Yeah, I DO use a lot of meter :slight_smile:


Using King as a 2nd, I can’t afford to be meter-stingy. EX Kick and command throws are the only things that make him (borderline) viable.

@OP - Darkphyre’s assessment seems to be pretty accurate in my experience.


I burn through meter like it’s candy with Asuka, but I always try to save at least one bar for emergency tags and for getting that extra bit of damage for a kill.