Sfxt mod in 7zip problem


anyone please help me, i have downloaded my skin mod and stored it correctly but its not working, is it because its a 7zip file?


Whats the file extension for the download?


Download and install 7zip.



there are no file extensions, just the 7zip file %{


ummm…, and the path to it is “/C/games/street fighter x tekken/patch/CMN/battle/chara/” it is not present in program files and how do i know whether its a steam or not.


All files has a file extension
its what ever after the dot in the file name


If is not present at all then you don’t have the file.

Also what is the name of this so-called mod?


asuka in motako or something like that


now i know what a file extension is


The files are archived in a .7z archive. You will need 7zip to extract them.


ive downloaded it but i haven tried it


#Darkskull its a .rar


A .rar is still an archive file that needs to be extracted.


I am assuming this is it.

Too bad this Deviant Art page do not offer instructions

I did some digging and found this (taken from another Asuka mod)

  1. back up all original files before install C:\Program Files\Capcom\Street Fighter X Tekken\resource\CMN\battle\chara\ASK
  2. Install 7zip or Win Rar if you have not already.
  3. Extract files to the following directory C:\Program Files\Capcom\Street Fighter X Tekken\resource\CMN\battle\chara\ASK


yep it is, heyyy but my directory is not in program files its in /C/games/… as mentioned

  1. How do i unlock outfits? Any brilliant ideas?
  2. Are Alisa, Elena, Guy… Avalable for pc
  3. What is DLC? Isit downloadable contents or disc lock contents.


yes but when I right click on it theses no option to extract


So think that Robhal guy tricked us, he said that we have to store it in /patch/CMN/battle…blah…blah

  1. No
  2. Google.
  3. Google.
  1. Install 7zip or Win Rar if you have not already.


so you suggest i put it in /ASK/ or /ASK/sounds/


fb accnt? So i can post on your timeline or give u a message whenever i need help pleease. I know i know its off topic