SFxT needs its own section

The one huge thread makes it hard to find actual info when there is a ton of wishlist/fake lists debates.

I’m all for this, I nominate d3v as moderator.

It can have its own section when the game comes out. Until then one thread is fine.

I’m assuming this is a new policy then, considering that MvC3 got its own section months before the game came out. In any case, can we get the second thread merged into the older one?


The game really could use a separate board.

That thread is too difficult to have a straightforward conversation in though.

Kinda discouraging to discuss a certain character whilst at the same time a wishlist / Who was in the latest water splotches / Gameplay mechanics / Music discussion is going on.

One thread isn’t working. Gameplay discussion, character discussion, speculation, wishlisting, etc, etc. It’s getting more confusing the more info we get.

If we can’t have a board, can we at least have multiple threads in FGD? A gameplay thread, a speculation thread, a GD thread, no character threads?

The MVC3 section pre-release, wasn’t it filled with bullshit speculation and wishlist threads anyway?

Partly, but at least it got confined to one or two threads only, especially once Preppy stepped in. Problem now is that the thread gets filled with pages upon pages of character requests and arguing and anyone who actually wants to learn more about how the game actually plays gets drowned out.

SFxTK isn’t around the corner like Marvel vs Capcom 3 was. So, 1 thread is GOOD enough. There’s no reason to have a section so we can have these “Wishlist” or “What character we wanna see.”

Oldest threads in MvC3 section are April 20th, 2010

nearly 11 months before the game released.

Just saying.

April 20th was the release date for the very first trailer too.

Well, Keith was a staff. So, he laid it out perfectly.

What does this even mean?

You said MvC3 was around the corner when the MvC3 board was made.
I showed you one of many many topics in the MvC3 board made 11 months before MvC3s release.

People just want threads for the many topics they want to discuss: individual character topics to pick apart videos, new information only topic, a topic for discussing gameplay, a gen discussion thread, etc. It’s going to be just like how the MvC3 board was before its release.

-22 characters have been revealed so far…so that’d be about 22 character specific threads for people to do their theory fighting and whatnot. I’ve found nothing wrong with them before.
-There could be a place for NEW INFO ONLY, just like in the Super thread.
-A new info discussion thread could also work.

I don’t see how a Street Fighter X Tekken board would be filled with just wish lists. One thread is not enough for a game that’s already had half of it’s roster revealed, tons of gameplay footage, and a good number of characters still on the way. We’re talking about potentially the major game for next year’s EVO. Needs more than one thread in my opinion.

Well it is kinda funny how less SF related sites already have their own SFxTekken sections but the one major SF site doesn’t have one.

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Thanks bossman.

Thank you great one!