SFxT: Online Learning Curve

Hey Guys,
Learned alot from this site already, but I am having trouble understanding the learning curve with online play.
I can beat the cpu on “very hard” 3/4ths of the time, but when I fight online it’s usually either a mass juggleing frenzy, or a series of “block, block, super combo, repeat” and I lose about 4 out of 5 matches.

So Far I’ve:
Gotten tagging, 3-5 hit juggle combos, & super arts moves down
Learned “the basic art of footsy” - thanks twitch.tv
Bought a fight pad
Watched about 9 hours of SRK Live on Twitch.TV
Read half a dozen guides online (three from SRK)
Browsed these forums

And it’s all helped in leaps and bounds, and gotten me from winning on medium half the time to now …
But other than continuing to learn at a snails pace by losing, what can I do to take the next big step? I’m mainly confused because recently coming over from MK, it you can beat CPU hardmode, low ranking online players are cake … And obviously here not so much. What should I focus on to help me bridge the gap between beating the cpu and other D ranked online players?

Thanks in advance!

The CPU doesn’t have human-like tendencies. Beating the CPU isn’t a good indicator of skill at all. Read this, then read it again, then read it another time (seriously read it 3 times), it will help you vastly improve your game by incorporating the things covered in every session you have.


Perfect! Thank you sir, I shall read it thrice. Anyone else with some good links?