SFxT Online Match-up Directory

Network: XBL
GT: Sutter Pain
Location: MI
Time: afternoons to late nights
Skill: First SF game but i can hold my own
Gems: Don’t care

Please add like to have long friendly sets

Network: XBL
GT: silphDK
Location: OH
Time: Evening/late night
Skill: Great execution and game knowledge, decent footsies, good reactions. Some bad habits. DP too much, backdash too much. (%70 ish win rate.)
Gems: Boost OK, No Assist
Characters: Ibuki, Ryu, Guile, Hwoarang, and at least competent enough with most of the rest of the cast to make for good practice.

Looking only for skilled players for long practice sets and team ranked.

XBL: iVi a iV 9 o
GMT: -10 Hawaii
Team: Guile/Hugo, Poison
Skill lvl: TBD (average? 7000+ BP)
Playstyle: turtle/footsie oriented
Gems: Boost, Assist tolerated only when I’m drunk

EDIT: If you hate SB “spam”, do yourself a favor and don’t add me lol


Network: PSN
Availability: Weekends (Any Time)
Location/Region: San Francisco, CA
Skill Level: Intermediate
Preferred Characters: Ibuki, Steve

Network: Xbox live
Srk: Onyx Akuma
Availability: Monday-Sunday any time in the afternoon
Location/Region Middle Atlantic newark Nj
Skill level intermediate
I can do with or with out gems
Preferred characters akuma ken ryu Heihachi Vega balrog rufus m bison poison sagat guile chun li law kazuya

Keep 'em coming, the list is growing steadily.

Handle: Ekeiyo
Availability: All Day, Any Day =)
Location/Region: SoCal
Skill Level: Intermediate (I don’t use gems)
Preferred Characters: Im pretty good with Ibuki, Asuka, LiLi. Looking for a partner to have some fun with! :smiley:

Network: PSN
SRK: GoMagikarp
Handle: GoMagikarp
Availability: Weekdays after 7pm. Saturday random. Sunday all day
Skill Level: Beginner
Gems: Allowed, I don’t use assists, but I’m not against people using them, I just feel sorry for them.
Region: PST

Network: Xbox live and PSN
Srk: Srk_Tylenol
GT:Tylenol v3(XBL)/ CLuTCH_xX(PSN)
Availability: Monday-Sunday any time in the afternoon and at night
Location: Katy,Texas
Skill level intermediate
I can do with or with out gems
Preferred characters: Rufus,
Looking for a skilled partner to do some Team Ranked Matches with me

Might be able to help you there, haha. I’m in Houston, by the Galleria. :stuck_out_tongue:

Network: Xbox Live
SRK: KoonDroid
GT:KoonDroid29 / Tears ofthe Sky (No typo lol; I’ll be mostly playing on this one for a while because my main don’t have gold)
Availability: Everyday pretty much mostly afternoons and nights
Location: Indianapolis, In
Skill level: Intermediate
Boost Gems are fine, Assist Gems can die
Preferred characters: Hwoarang, Ken, Kaz,
Looking for training partners to run sets in.

Network: Xbox Live
SRK: Flipboy189
GT: Dat Flipboy
Availability: Anytime usually. If you see me playing some kind of shooter besides Gears of War 3, that’s my brother playing. :stuck_out_tongue:
Location: Sacramento, CA
Skill level: Intermediate
Gems: I don’t mind either way. Just mention what you’d like to do!
Preferred characters: Chun/Cammy/Poison/Bob and Sakura (DLC)

Ready to play with anyone. I don’t mind 1v1 or teaming up and playing. Would also love voice chat to talk about strategies or whatever.

Network: Xbox Live
SRK: Freakmonkey
GT: IllmaticMonkey (first letter’s an i)
Availability: usually around 4-6 pm almost every day. Early mornings on sundays.
Region: Midwest (Kansas)
Skill Level: Beginner, could really appreciate criticism after a fight. :smiley:
Characters (best to worst): Jin, Hwoarang, Kaz, King, Asuka. (wanna give Julia a try soon too).

Updated my post with BP and characters (since I’ve finally narrowed my interests down!). Saw others list that and figured it would be helpful info. :slight_smile:

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Network: Steam
SRK: heroxoot
Handle: EroHero
Availability: Varies
Location/Region: Southeast (Tennessee)
Skill Level: New (sfxt) Intermediate (SF4)
Preferred Characters: Unknown till release day.

I hope my SF4 experience helps a little in this game. I don’t play consoles anymore (360) so I await release day this friday.

Network: GFWL
SRK: Haruhater
Gamertag: Haruhater
Availability: European daytime
Region: Hungary
Skill Level: Beginner
Preferred characters: Asuka, Lili

Network: XBL
SRK: EvilNonsense
Handle: EvilNonsense
Availability: Afternoon and late at night
Location/Region: Atlantic South (Tampa area)
Skill Level: Beginner
Preferred Characters: Heihachi, King, Cammy, Hwoarong

Network: PSN
SRK: ShinkuGadoken
Gamertag: Sm00thCr1mals
Availability: Sporadic (Often on)
Region: North America (Midwestern Norther)
Skill Level: Advanced (Tournament Player - Rank A 17000 BP)
Preferred Characters: Hwoarang, Jin, King, Ryu, Ken, Heihachi, Kazuya



Availability: Anytime around 4pm but mon&wed at 9:30pm because I have school those days.

Location: Texas

Skill level: beginner

Gems: I don’t really use them but I’m ok with using them.

Preferred Characters: Sagat Ryu M.Bison Poison Raven Bob Kazuya and Heihachi.
I’m a chilled guy that wants to have fun with this and I can use a mic if you like but win or lose I’m just having a good time :wink:

NP, I think they can remove them for you.