Which game should I get ? I really dunno which game I should pick up…SFxT seems cool…but I dunno…something about it kinda bothers me.I’m still gunna play it regardless but KOFXIII just looks amazing all around .

Which game would be the best to pick up first in your opinion?


If you like Fighting Games, buy KoF XIII. If you like supporting stupid, buy SFxT.


This should help with your decision: [media=youtube]WAJUelWRWBs[/media]


KOF 13 is the best fighting game thats come out in this SFIV era.

But I will not deny the fact that SFxT is really easy, pretty fun, and you’ll probably have more competition due to more players.

EDIT: Also for some reason I can never find anyone playing KOF online, sadly. But SFxT’s netcode isnt that great. And finally, KOF is cheaper.


Offline warriors: KOF XIII (is more cheaper).
Online warriors: SFxT

Or get both.


If you have friends who have this game: KOFXII
If you don’t have friends: SFXT

People have been saying KOFXII’s netcode is “better” now but given SNK’s track record with the subject I’m not going to waste money again.


you mean “KOFXIII” Amazing Funbags?

…or KOF XII? :razzy:

Anyways, The King of Fighters XIII is the way to go for that real honest fighting experience

the online is pretty shaky but don’t let that stop you; try to get some local play in




Well…to use your sig as an example, which kind of game would you rather prefer? A 1v1 type game like SSF4–KOFXIII–or a 2v2 in the vein of Ultimate MvC3–SFxT–which, in my opinion, does the juggling mechanics correctly which the former game seems to exaggerate far too much. Also, unlike UMvC3 is the fact that it isn’t as easy to tag out; so if your opponent’s putting a lot of pressure on you, it can be quite difficult. Of course, as has been said, SFxT has been having the sound issue when it comes to online play which could throw you off. These are a few of many things to consider when you look at both the games. Choose wisely. :slight_smile:


Wait, what…you pop up in KOF threads saying the netcode is trash, and you don’t even play? :lame:


$40 for KOFXIII

Or you can spend $60 + Tax on SFxT… then drop another $20 for additional characters that are already on the disk in the future…

Both games are good despite [S]some[/S] ALOT of the problems of the one made by ShadyCom; your choice.


little bit off-topic but goddamn I am amazed they had time to program that entire sequence man

but yeah, Street Fighter X Tekken is so roflmfao


also, why are people suggesting KOFXII? o_O


reads thread title

as for that vid…i swear, for a second i thought i was watching dragonball when goku climbs Karin’s tower. i was just waiting to see if the had a lil’ mock kid goku climbing up that satellite pillar.


KoFXIII had a demo, right? I’m not to sure


Cause their netcode has been trash in MANY games beforehand Einstein.


Lol,I feel like I should just wait a good couple months for SFxT and see if they make any changes or stuff like that .

KOFXIII looks like a great game.Looks like a true fighter lol…getting sick of playing UMvC3 all the time <_<" .


KOF netcode is pretty good if you find a 4 bar connection. But it is hard to find when only 3 or 4 people are playing online at a time. I have average to below average internet and play people pretty close to me who have said their internet isnt that great either and we have very fun and entertaining sets. Anything else below 4 though just isnt worth the time… I have played SOME 3 bars that are OK at best but they arent common.

My suggestion if you get KOF, anytime you see a 4 bar add that person as a friend IMMEDIATELY. Because you can have an enjoyable online experience with this game you just have to be picky.


And it’s not now, so you should exclude yourself from discussions about the online. Completely. KOF13 is a great game, and you’re sabotaging it for interested players by taking a stance on shit you haven’t even experienced? What a joke.


Not anymore i think :sad: