SFxT or SF4 fightpad?

If you have both witch one do you prefer playing with? Please give me honest answers

EDIT: I play AE

I recently picked up the SFxTK fightpad and have found it sightly easier to use than the SF4 one. I found it very difficult to hit the top left and right diagonals on the SF4 pad, haven’t really had the problem with the SFxTK pad. The buttons are spot on, on both pads. If you can give them both a go I would, as the SFxTK is smaller, but a similar size to the PDP Versus Fight Pad. I favour the SFxTK pad.

so doing the super/ultras isnt a problem right?


Dont bump threads. Especially when its only a few hours old.

To be honest…most of us regulars in tech talk use the fightpad for its pcb to dual mod… Not to actually play…his might not be the forum to ask since we buy them in bulk to strip down…

Nonsense. This is Tech Talk, James will probably cough up an answer as soon as he can drag himself from naked DDR.

No, no problems. But I do main shoto characters, haven’t tried any of the charge guys.