SFxT party at Summer Jam

I know I’ve mentioned this to some of you on the IRC, but for those I haven’t I’d like to put the word out that I’ll be hosting an SFxT room of my own at Summer Jam in August for casuals and some drinking as well. I don’t have monitors of my own but those who can bring one over, please do so we can get multiple setups going. I also will provide some liquor as well and it will be free to drink. However, depending on how much I get, its possible to run out as it will be on a first come/first serve basis. So I strongly encourage you to bring your own stuff with you to ensure you don’t leave sober.

I’m not charging people to get in as this will be the first time I host a little party at a tournament, and plus I’d like for all of us that will be in the area to gather and hang out. So those of you planning to go to Summer Jam or are thinking about it, start spreading the word now. If you do want to help out or talk over details about it at any point, PM me for contact info.

Where is summer jam? Sounds like my kind of party

It’s in Philly

Sounds pretty cool. Could go for some casuals. I’m just coming over on Sunday though. Only there for sfxt.

I’ll definitely be there :o