SFxT PC Cross Platform Play Officially Deconfirmed

Sven officially deconfirmed cross platform between the PC and console versions of the game over at Capcom Unity.

*"I do understand the desire for it, however in our experience, the usage of cross-platform play (as we’ve seen on LP Colonies a couple of years ago) is very low, even when in that particular case, the requirement for a Gold account on PC was removed for technical reasons by MS. *

For cross platform play to exist between GFWL and Xbox Live, as it stands today, the PC player must also be a Gold member.

Given the development effort, extra testing and logistical headaches trying to keep three SKUs (Steam PC version, non-Steam PC version and X360 version) all in lockstep for all future updates and not breaking anything along they way, it really isn’t worth it for the number of people that would take advantage of it."


While I realize this is probably “who cares?” news to the majority, it is pretty important to us PC fighting game enthusiasts.

As someone who does not own an Xbox I would have probably bought the PC version if I could have fought those on XBL. Not a really huge deal but I will just end up not buying the PC version.

Not surprised at all given the history of cross-platform play in general and the fact that AE 2012 still hasn’t hit the PC.
The good thing to take away from it is that we can look forward to updates, I guess. Without them updating three versions wouldn’t be an issue, really.

Still, it’s sad how the playerbase is divided like that.

They would have less issues if they just ditched GWFL and migrate this whole thing to Steam and then put Steamworks on the PS3 version.

I actually think PS4 will be Steam powered. Think of the possibilities. The cross platform play alone has me excited!

From a dev standpoint that means keeping PC/PS3 patches in sync instead of PC/360, which I guess they don’t want to worry about. Seems to me that since the PC versions of these games are the red-headed stepchildren they just want to be able to keep doing late PC releases as they have been with SF4. Better than nothing, but it’s a shame … one would think that cross-platform play is a big value-add.

I wonder if this means the steam version will not use GFWL. I’m hopeful.

They said that all games in the forseeable future on PC would be using GFWL.

WHY?! I just… It doesn’t make any sense! From what I understand its cheaper on Steam.