This thread is for discussion and submission of skins/mods for SFxT on PC.

As with other modding threads, there will be no discussion of DLC unlocks/circumvention and no nudity (pics or links).

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Finally, make sure you backup your files before applying any mods.

Sfxt mod in 7zip problem
Sfxt mod in 7zip problem

Got any guides for how to build skin mods in SSF4? (I imagine it’ll be similar in SFxTK)

I’m hoping to be able to make some awesome Tekken costumes and maybe some unique ones (like turning Law into Jacky Bryant from VF)







i’m so tempted right now to ask for pregnant Poison

mindfuck level of such mod: astronomical


Capcom will be putting out a DLC bundle soon enough, so that will be the approved means of getting the additional characters.

The model editing should be pretty similar and many of the existing SF tools should work (at least partially), but the skins/colors will take some exploration before we can get them going, since they’re completely different. If you want to start reading up on things, hit up the tutorials pages on the vanillaand AEwikis. Excellent use of the snip-quote, btw :smiley:


Lol, I try.

The next order of business – I want to try and make some dummy scripts for Advanced Training… I wonder if anyone knows how we’d go about doing that?


It’s been nailed down for AE, but I’ll have to see if it’s at all applicable to SFxT. Right off, I’ll say it’s going to require a bit of additional development, as I think the BAC/BCM files have changed a fair bit, but I believe Dantarion is making good progress on those already.

I believe the lua scripts control which objects are lumped together for custom coloring purposes (I may be wrong about that). It seems likely that the MatCol attributes from the obj.emm files determine the channel mixing for the colors, but there’s still some uncertainty there, as well.


Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with posting a way to unlock the free content, like the colors.


I’ll sell my soul to anyone who figures out how to swap music.
as i see its different extension from AE.


Haha, “UKN”


No one would have expected 12 UKNs! Someone -please- unlock the DLC characters on PC, lol.


I made a thing [media=youtube]G8t2_F53D8o[/media]

resource/CMN/boot/game/const.lua - DO NOT save this with regular notepad, it’ll jack your shit if you dare save it. Notepad++ works fine. Have to restart the game after every change, not like the character files.

I really wanna find out how to change the color values for customize, and remove the fugly sfxt shader.

Also, Ono is not compatible with this at all, so don’t try.



Honestly, all Pandora needs is a longer standard time limit and to give a 20~30% damage boost instead of doing nothing but give free meter and it’d be way better.


Going to change the menu theme to some kind of Space Jam remix as soon as I get my hands on the game.


awesome, i’ll lock everyone but ryu and ken


I take it that changing the "UNK"s to “default” does nothing, right?


Guys, "there will be no discussion of DLC unlocks/circumvention"

Lets not get this thread locked, mkay?


Jesus I wish there was a way to turn off this quick combo bullshit.

Also does anyone else notice how pixelated the text is for some reason? Like on the character names and stuff.



That would be a good idea. Any idea how we could mod out the Quick Combo activation?
Also, what about modding it so that CPU in Arcade mode don’t use Gems.