SFxT PC - Worth picking up?

How’s the community nowadays? Is it still extremely behind on the patches and kinda unplayable?

I just got a fight stick (an actually decent one this time) and I only have PC so I can really only play like 2 fighting games. I have AE and that’s my main game, but I’m thinking of picking something else up. Should I give xT a shot?

You know, you could ask this question on the newbie saikyo dojo section or the sfxt section, though on the last one you more than probable would only get biased answers telling you that yes and that is the best game ever

My non biased advice, you are the only one that knows if you will like it or not, see videos on youtube, try it yourself by playing it with a friend that has it.

As for the patches, ask it on the SFxT, they even have a thread dedicated to it.

My biased opinion, game is gutter trash, but the nude mods on pc are nice.

you have a lot more options on PC than SF4 and SFxT.

Sorry, didn’t know there was an SFxT section.

Such as? I know Skullgirls and KOF XIII are getting PC releases, but I fail to find any other PC Fighting Games that are as popular as Console Fighters (Marvel, mainly, and to a lesser extent Injustice, MK, etc…)

Of course, there are all the GGPO games but meh.

Mortal Kombat was recently spotted being tested through the Steam Community, and there’s an entry for it in the registry. It also popped up on Amazon UK under pre-order listings, but there haven’t been any official announcements.

As for Street Fighter X Tekken’s PC port, it’s still running version 1.06 and is two patches behind the console versions, but Version 2013 (1.08) will be released soon. It was on the Microsoft patch server.

i cant recommend pc sfxt version to anyone, online is dreadful

If you have a good net connection and you can find good connections and people with good pcs, then its not that bad, but more often than not (especially ranked) will be laggy as hell, and sometimes not even because of internet problems, but rather because of the other persons pc and settings

Version 2013 is out now, just to clarify. If your machine and connection are good, you should have a good experience with SFXT on PC.

Melty blood is ridiculously good, even for hardcore players. There are plenty of other fighters on pc, but they have far too many gimmicks or lack of quality & traditional gameplay (Hisoutensoku). Just find a steam group for melty blood and you’re good to go.