SFxT: Playing Footsies w/ Charge Characters (Abel)


I’ve been reading alot about footsies since I hear it’s so important in SFxT and the concept seems interesting. I get how it works and have been adjusting my mind to see the “zones” around each character (will take a long time).

But I have questions regarding footsies with charge characters. I’ve seen old game videos of Guile and it kinda makes sense to me, but Guile has a ranged attack and Abel doesn’t.He also has that floating kick thing but how do you incorporate charging into moving back and forth and some attacks. Does Abel zone with his normal punches because they seem pretty good.

Sorry if this belongs in the Abel forum.


If you want Abel specific questions, your best bet is to post there.

Abel isn’t really a charge character, since most of his moves don’t require a charge. His options are limited, but they mostly revolve around using his step-kick to get close to an opponent and execute damaging mix-ups there. Utilize Abel’s anti-airs to stop the opponent from getting in on you, his sweep is slow but has good range, so you’ll have to be cautious if you want to use it. His wheel kick can often catch opponents by surprise, but it usually pushes them far away, so you can’t really do many mix-ups unless you use the step-kick.