SFxT PRO wiresleeving worklog

Hey guys!

After about a month of not working on sticks, I have decided to restart with something simple. Originally I was not going to post anything but a problem at the end prompted a solution that I wanted to present. So here we go!

This is my SFxT Pro stick I was thinking of selling, but I hate the internal wiring so I decided to “pretty” it up. Unnecessary? Some would say so. Expensive? not if you have the materials already. :smiley:


Original Wiring


Got some techflex, heatshrink and a Velcro strap and now it looks loads better for me.


Now after working with it I noticed the Triangle was not working at all, after some multimeter probing I found that the trace on the underside of the PCB had a chip on it. I thought that adding some solder to bridge it would work but then a solution cropped up.

What if I used a solid wire to bridge the two contacts? Note that I could have soldered everything directly to the main PCB but I wanted to avoid that. So I got a piece of wire and stripped it, the result you can see below.


After this some got glue after testing the connection and done!

Pro level work. Good job